Lead developer of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer design is leaving the studio

It’s separate from it, but I also need to get rid of my rant

I’ve had xbox up to 360 and haven’t played all halos for a long time.
So when MCC came to PC I thought great! Go through everything, then comes infinity, I want to know how the story is before trying infinity.
Then neatly played all the games (after the necessary hassle with licenses and the Windows/Xbox store) consecutively. But halo5? Did I understand correctly that almost all halo games are on PC, except the penultimate one? I understand that this is a flagship game for Xbox, but isn’t it also rubbish?

I haven’t touched on halo infinite single player so far, as I want to see halo5 first (whether it hooks up well or not, I haven’t delved into it), but it doesn’t look like 343 intends to remedy that. Which while it may still contribute to the hype for infinity it seems to me, but well…

Anyway, with the single player stories you notice it’s getting less and less. The first Halos seemed so hopeful. Yes sure, overwhelming alien forces, but Master Chief and the UNSC are always capable and you feel proud and strong to participate. But the later games try more and more to be dark and edgy, depressing, ruses, deceptions, betrayals, characters of questionable intelligence, clichés you can see coming a mile away… To me it has long since ceased to feel like the atmosphere of the first games.

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