le-Tiche | Economy. Pays-Haut, Val d’Alzette: a trade observatory in the face of the crisis

“The treasuries are dry. There will be breakage… ”, fears Claude Bocek, vice-president in charge of economic development for the Community of communes of the Pays-Haut Val d’Alzette (CCPHVA).

The chosen one of Audun-le-tiche had already denounced the double penalty applied to businesses forced to close, while in Luxembourg, shops and restaurants had remained open. Faced with the crisis, it multiplies meetings and exchanges to set up an “observatory”, and invites traders and artisans to make themselves known.

“The objective of this observatory is to leave no one by the wayside”, insists Claude Bocek. “The idea is to identify businesses in difficulty before filing for bankruptcy, to create a collective and to offer prospects. “

In conjunction with associations and municipalities, a merchant representative will be identified in each municipality in the territory.

What can intercommunality do?

The CCPHVA has just launched, in partnership with La Poste, a local online sales platform (My city my shopping). “It is a solution that we had to put in place even if the click & collect does not solve the immediate financial problem”, recognizes Claude Bocek.

If the CCPHVA does not have control over the financial aid granted by the State via the Region or the CCIs (Chambers of Commerce and Industry), it can play a role of mediation and information. “We can bring people together, mediate, for example, between traders, artisans and landlords for rents. We can also make a relay with the commercial courts of Briey and Thionville, without waiting for a financial break. “

Among the first actions carried out by this observatory, a weekly meeting for consultation and discussion, by videoconference, is already offered to all artisans and traders in the sector.

Contact CCPHVA, tel. 03 82 54 84 52.

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