Le Monde, subscription champion

With its digital subscription strategy, combined with its presence on social networks, its podcasts, and even audiovisual projects, the daily Le Monde has become a benchmark in the digital transition.

The chairman of the board of Le Monde, Louis Dreyfus, welcomes this distinction. “This Strategies Prize rewards a collective of more than 500 journalists as well as developers and marketing teams who work with the editorial staff to conquer new audiences. In 2010, the newspaper was distributed to 250,000 copies against 447,000 today. It is a historic record. After the years 2002-2010, and 10 million euros of losses per year, we post a profit of 2.3 million euros in 2020 against -1.8 million in 2019 ».

25% growth in digital subscribers

The writing of Strategies commended a 25% growth in digital subscribers in one year (366,067 subscribers to the pure digital offer on April 30, 2021 versus 293,755 a year earlier and 389,496 subscribers to the digital offer with paper newspaper on weekends and services compared to 311,241 a year ago). The world is the daily which has the largest portfolio of paying subscribers for a media in France, far ahead of its challenger, Mediapart (220,000 subscribers).

The evening newspaper began this offensive in 2010 when it was acquired by the trio of BNP (Bergé-Niel-Pigasse) shareholders. ” We have two strategic axes, develops Louis Dreyfus. The first is based on the quality of our exclusive content, produced by journalists who work for a long time and investigate. The editorial team has grown in number to fulfill the promise of a 24-hour site and a daily newspaper. At the same time, we are investing in free formats intended for younger audiences to build a relationship with these generations who are not necessarily readers of traditional formats. “. This translates to 1.4 million subscribers on Snapchat, 1.03 million on YouTube and 225,000 on TikTok.

Editorial exclusivity

« The more our free audiences grow, the more paying subscribers we recruit »Explains the boss. And editorial exclusivity pays off. Driven by teasers encouraging subscription, the article by Florence Aubenas published on April 30 on ” The woman of the woods ”Des Cévennes, for example, made it possible to recruit 236 subscribers in one week. ” It proves that our production has value, adds Louis Dreyfus.

The writing of Strategies also took into account many developments. In addition to its daily podcast launched at the end of March with Spotify, “Heure du Monde”, the newspaper is considering appointments for the Presidential election. With Luc Bronner, former director of the newspaper who has become a reporter again, Louis Dreyfus is also working on the audiovisual adaptation of investigations or reports in docu or fiction, including The world would be a co-producer.

In 2020, the newspaper co-produced for France 2 with Bangumi (producer of Daily on TMC) “Feminicides”. Several subjects are under discussion. The world is also developing in events by partnering with L’Obs and Telerama, who are part of the group and France Inter to create “Word for Words”, a free book fair which should become annual. It will be held at La Villette on June 5 and 6 with around forty invited authors for debates and signatures. A world of projects, in short.

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