Le Matin – Experts call for the adaptation of means to the intensity of the viral spread

Any management project must take into account the adaptation of the means available to the intensity of the viral spread and to hospital reception capacities, in order to effectively control the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), estimated Moroccan experts.

These experts from the Moroccan Society of Emergency Medicine (SMMU) and the Moroccan Society of Anesthesia, Analgesia and Resuscitation (SMAAR), who looked into the strategies for managing the pandemic given the increase feared in cases of contamination, insisted on the need to manage serological tests and patient management methods on the basis of clinical data. In a statement, they also focused on the modalities of medical regulation in the event of a massive influx, the management of symptomatic cases with signs of severity, the management of symptomatic cases without signs of severity, asymptomatic cases without factors. of risk and contact subjects as well as the reinforcement of preventive measures.

“To cope with a new wave of Covid-19, it is necessary to exclusively preserve access to the capacities for the care of vital emergencies, serious and / or complex cases at the SAMU-Center 141, and to favor other circuits existing to other cases depending on local resources (toll-free numbers other than “141”, civil protection, private SAMU, city medicine) ”, insisted the specialists.

They also pleaded for the implementation of a strategy of local capacity building and regional mutual aid, by, among other things, the opening of crisis rooms and, if necessary, additional overflow rooms. It is also a matter of directing Covid-19 calls deemed serious to the regional SAMU-Center 141 and of strengthening human resources through the mobilization of students, general practitioners in town and retired doctors. The experts also stressed that the diagnosis and monitoring of pulmonary lesions linked to Covid-19 must be carried out as a priority within public and private hospital structures. “For proper use of additional examinations, it is recommended to use the chest scanner without injection and in low dose mode in the event of suggestive respiratory symptoms, requiring hospital treatment in a Covid + or suspected patient, the chest CT scan with injection in the follow-up phase in the event of secondary worsening of symptoms or in intensive care and the non-indication of performing a chest CT scan for screening in asymptomatic patients ”, they suggested.

They also called for the rigorous application of preventive measures in order to minimize the risk of viral transmission and the appearance of new clusters of the coronavirus. These measures are mainly based on the observance of individual hygiene measures and social distancing measures such as wearing a face mask, ventilating closed and confined spaces and avoiding the sources of air conditioning incriminated in the last summer clusters. .

On July 7, the experts made a recommendation entitled “the care of Covid-19 patients in post-containment” for the outpatient treatment at home of patients with Covid-19, in anticipation of a predictable increase in the number of case on the one hand and to avoid a surge and an invasion of hospitals reconverted to normal activity targeting “non-Covid-19” patients.

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