Le Matin – A CGEM-CCG Corridor for better access to finance for businesses

During this meeting, the CEO of the CCG announced the extension of the drawdown period on Damane Relance credits, which went from 6 to 12 months.

The CGEM sets up partnerships to defend the interests of its members. Last Friday, it signed an agreement with the Caisse Centrale de Garantie (CCG) to set up a mediation service between the two parties: Corridor CGEM-CCG.
This partnership focuses on the promotion of all of the CCG’s product offering to CGEM member companies through the joint organization of regional workshops and seminars, for enhanced and extended communication. The CCG will also mobilize its network of regional business centers to increase the proximity and accessibility of all of its products and services for businesses.
“We welcome this partnership, which will enable our two institutions to further strengthen their support for businesses in all regions of Morocco. The CGEM-CCG Corridor is a high-impact service which constitutes, for small businesses in particular, a fast-track to resolve the problems they encounter in terms of financing ”, underlines Chakib Alj, president of the CGEM who initialed the agreement. with Hicham Zanati Serghini, Director General of the CCG. According to the latter, the CCG is fully mobilized in order to best support businesses for better access to its various financing mechanisms. The CEO of the CCG thus announced the extension of the drawdown period on Damane Relance credits, which has been reduced from 6 to 12 months.
It should be noted, moreover, that this agreement is part of the new employers’ system “Corridors by CGEM” which consists of forging partnerships with administrations, banks and other institutions to better support member companies. Similar agreements have been signed with the CNSS and the DGI.

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