Le Gang and & Heleen publish GO

In the past two years, “Le Gang” has been involved in numerous international radio hits. The Swedish music producer has not only shaped the sound of current pop music, but has even reinvented it in some of his productions, thus setting the standard a bit higher. But the Scandinavian sound designer doesn’t want to reveal which producer is actually behind the pseudonym “Le Gang”. With his own artist project he would like to finally publish even more daring and innovative titles without being tied to the general conditions or requirements of his “prominent customers”.

For his current track “Go” he worked with the Dutch newcomer HELEEN, who is not that new at all. She has already “given” her voice to various EDM songs and has already had some streaming successes as a solo artist.

The two composed the title Go together. Anyone who hears the song will recognize the musical signature of “Le Gang” within a few seconds. And if you think: “That sounds like it”, then because this song is very likely also from his pen.

“Go” will be published digitally on February 12, 2021, worldwide on all platforms such as Spotify, Amazon. The title is already in rotation at numerous radio stations in Europe.

Here you can get a musical foretaste. SAVE GO

The title is published by the German record label K-ENT Records by music manager Patrick Kronenberger.



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