Le Figaro had spotted five award-winning albums

LA CASE BD – Landis Blair, Léonie Bischoff, Maurane Mazars, Michel Rabagliati, Zanzim … The authors and designers rewarded in Angoulême had entrusted us with their manufacturing secrets, via our weekend format, the Case BD.

Le Fauve d’or, best album award : The Hunting Accident, in the dantesque hell of an American prison

On May 21, 1924 in Chicago, Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, 19 and 18, kidnap and murder a 14-year-old teenager. Twelve years later, a certain Matt Rizzo, a small gangster struck with blindness, becomes Nathan Leopold’s fellow prisoner … The rest is written in letters of blood.

This copious 466-page comic book features young Charlie Rizzo who, upon his mother’s death, moves in with his father Matt, a writer who claims to have lost his sight in a “hunting accident”. How to translate the daily life of a blind person into images? “It took a lot of trial and error, thought and research into how blind people interact with the world. Ultimately, however, I think a lot of what emerged came when I began to explore my own fears and discomfort in the face of darkness ”, analyzed Landis Blair, the designer.

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The hunting accident plunges the reader into American prison hell. 2015, 2017, David L. Carlson, 2015, Scorto, LLC

France Televisions Audience Award: Anaïs Nin , the fury for life of the American artist told brilliantly

«Technically, I used a pencil with a multicolored lead, encompassing the three primary colors which mix and change very quickly. I enjoyed using this random tool which I do not master everything ” This is part of the manufacturing secrets that the designer Léonie Bischoff revealed to us last September in the analysis of one of her boxes.

The author highlights the metamorphosis of a woman who deployed a myriad of lies to satisfy her quest for freedom. Fascinated by her diary since her adolescence, the author, aged 39, offers a tasty and prodigious adaptation of the early years of the artist in the making. The album takes us to the beginning of the 1930s. Anaïs Nin lives in Louveciennes, torn between her social obligations and the desire to escape the shackles of her world. Feeling trapped, she finds a loophole in her journal entry.

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In Anaïs Nin, on the sea of ​​lies, Léonie Bischoff brilliantly offers her personal vision of the myth. Casterman

Revelation price: Dance! , a freedom-loving youth in 1950s New York

“The album celebrates youth and the courage to make the right decisions for oneself”, Maurane Mazars confided to us by deciphering his comic book box in December.

True hymn to life and freedom, Dance! celebrates daring youth, the one who bends and does not break. It features Uli, 19, studying modern dance at a prestigious German school. His appetite for musical comedy earned him bitter mockery from his classmates, who considered the genre to be devoid of any artistic value. Without giving up his passion, he dragged his dismay until he met Anthony, a young black American dancer advising him to try his luck on Broadway.

Partly located in the vibrant New York of the 1950s, the work brings us back to life the cultural abundance, the avant-garde scene, the beat generation, the political and social effervescence with the premises of the recognition of civil rights for blacks. and homosexuals.

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In Dance!, the young Maurane Mazars gracefully illustrates moving bodies. Maurane Mazars / The Lombard

High school student price: Human skin or love without straitjacket, no barriers

«This is the album that Hubert had always wanted to make. Hubert’s wish not to judge someone by their choices of sexuality. Hopefully that will make the humanity of people evolve “, the designer Zanzim explained to us.

In Renaissance Italy, Bianca, a young lady from a good family, is promised to Giovanni, the son of a wealthy merchant. The young girl would like to know her promise before the wedding day. Sent to her aunt’s house, she will discover the incredible secret of the women of the family. The latter have a man’s skin that allows them to transform into Lorenzo, a young ephebe with copper skin. Transvestite in Lorenzo, Bianca will then take a liking to this masculine world. The city looks so different outside the shackles of the status of women. This fable is an ode to tolerance. Sublimated by the enchanting trait of Zanzim, the last album of the screenwriter Hubert, who died at 49 years old last February, strikes the reader with its accuracy and its sensitivity.

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Classic in the making, Human skin deals with major societal issues openly. Glénat

Series price: Paul at home, Michel Rabagliati’s 50s blues

“The fact that I’m able to draw an album on a guy who is almost suicidal shows that I’m not that badly”, assured Michel Rabigliati to Figaro.

Since 1999, the author has humorously recounted the daily life of his alter ego Paul, at different times of his life. The plot of this ninth volume takes place in 2012. The Quebec author claims to have “Pushed away the stopper of the autobiography” and put his “Guts on the table”, in a more dramatic register than usual. What to worry about its readers? “The fact that I’m able to draw an album on a guy who is almost suicidal shows that I’m not that badly”, he assures the Figaro in a burst of laughter, a sign that his legendary self-mockery remains intact. In Paul at home, the gags have not been forgotten but the moments of emotion leave a deeper imprint. A touching story about loneliness and the passage of time with universal echoes, despite its Montreal roots.

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Since 1999, Michel Rabagliati has humorously recounted the daily life of his alter ego Paul, at different times in his life. Michel Rabagliati / The Watermelon



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