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It’s the annual Apple WWDC conference again, and the focus every year is on software updates such as iOS and iPadOS. This year, XR devices will be released, will the focus change? Sorry, I saw that Apple’s stock price plunged when the XR headset was mentioned at the press conference, so I knew it wouldn’t be the focus. I’m going to talk about software operations. This article will first talk about iOS 17. Apple described iOS 17 as a very major software update, and there are some new features in it, which attracted me! Sort it out now, what are the selling points of iOS 17! Let’s Go!

That is, iOS 17 10 major update selling points

001: Through different fonts, Memoji, etc., you can customize the screen of the phone App during a call, and you can customize different appearances for different contacts.

002: You can use the new function of Livemail. When someone leaves a message in the voicemail box, you can transcribe it into text, and then you can understand the content of the call and decide whether to answer the call according to the situation. And when you are talking to someone through FaceTime, if the other party does not answer, you can use video to leave a message to the other party.

003: In terms of iMessage, users can quickly create and insert dynamic stickers in the conversation, and can use these stickers in other places that support Markup. In addition, iMessage also has the function of quickly replying messages and location sharing by dragging to the right. In fact, it seems to be very new, that is, it is like WhatsApp, but it has been improved. It can jump to the last message you have read, and has More precise filters and more.

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004: Apple has added a new shortcut for exchanging numbers called NameDrop. For example, Mr. A and Mr. B have just met and want to exchange phone numbers. You only need to put the two iPhones together to quickly share contact information. In the end, it is actually an extension of AirDrop.


005: In the past, AirDrop must always be close to the two devices, and can be transferred to photos, videos and other files first, but if it is opened halfway, it will be interrupted, and now iOS 17 will rely on the network to transfer to avoid interrupting the transfer , so it doesn’t matter if you don’t keep it nearby all the time, but after talking about it, AirDrop itself is very fast, so it’s hard to wait~

006: The iOS 17 keyboard can predict the sentences you are typing, so you can automatically type them in, and thanks to Apple Silicon technology, it can learn better according to the mode you type.

007: Launch a new Journal app to help you recall some important moments, where you have been, what photos you have taken, what songs or podcasts you have listened to, and friends and relatives you have contacted. This Journal App integrates various types of data in one place, just enter a specific date, or add some descriptions, and iOS will help you display these data, so you can recall some Bits of life.


008: Join the Standby mode, when your phone can be charged horizontally, display time, date, weather and other information in the way of Always On, you can also swipe between different widgets to view the ones you may be interested in Various types of data. When you feel comfortable, Standby will also switch to a darker, red style to avoid being too bright.

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009: You used to ask Siri to come out with Hey Siri or “Hey Siri”, but now you don’t need it, just call Siri and give your instructions. However, AI such as ChatGPT is so popular recently, it is unknown whether it will make Siri more intelligent.

010: Google Maps has been able to download offline maps a few years ago, and Apple Maps can do it, waiting for you to view the data without using it.

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