Lazio-Udinese 1-0, Immobile brings the biancocelesti to the quarterfinals

A goal by the Neapolitan striker in extra time decides the Olimpico match. Now Milan is in the quarters

Lazio beat Udinese 1-0 after extra time and qualified for the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup where they found Milan. Unspectacular match that of the Olimpico, decided by a lob from Ciro Immobile in the 1 ‘of the second extra time, triggered on the edge of the offside on a throw by Cataldi. Peri Friulani cross of Arslan.

Just a few weeks ago Lazio and Udinese gave us a heart-pounding 4-4 ​​in the league, a succession of emotions that were not seen tonight at the Olimpico. At the end of the quarterfinals, after a battle of 120 ‘, there goes the team that can count on an implacable striker like Ciro Immobile and on a better bench. It is no coincidence that the match was decided by two successful changes by Sarri. Lazio earns Milan, while Udinese comes out with their heads held high, especially for an excellent second half in which only the goal was missed. Little turnover for Sarri, who has to give up the injured Pedro, Acerbi, Basic and Radu. In attack rifiata Immobile and in his place is Muriqi, in what could be his last match in the biancoceleste. Cioffi relies on 3-5-2, with the attacking tandem formed by Success and Pussetto. On the bench Beto.

The first occasion is from Friuli, with the insidious free-kick by Samardzic punctured by Success a few steps away from Reina (7 ‘). The reaction of the hosts in the 12th minute, with Muriqi, but Silvestri is reactive on the beautiful header of the Turkish striker, who a few minutes later ends again with a central header. The rhythms are quite high, not so the precision at the moment of the conclusions. The guests reappeared by Reina in the 39th minute with Success, but his shot was blocked by Marusic with a fantastic diagonal. At the end of the first fraction, the match between Success and Zaccagni: the Lazio player got the worst of it and did not return to the second half due to a knee problem. A bad tile for Sarri, who already has to do without Pedro due to a muscle strain.

In the second half, Udinese grows is preferred both as a game and as opportunities. Success is unleashed, due to a yellow card from Luiz Felipe and Patric, and in the 59th minute he is blocked by Reina. Two minutes and Samardzic’s left-footed round ends by a whisker, before the conclusion of Beto saved by Reina again. Sarri plays the Property card and the Biancocelesti return to become dangerous in the final. At 87 Silvestri says no to Milinkovic’s blow, on the rebound Udogie saves on Raul Moro. At the last attack Milinkovic-Savic flies into the sky and Immobile misses the winning tap-in from two steps away. We go to extra time.

The teams are inevitably tired and very little happens in the first extra time. Arslan, the hero of the 4-4 in the league, is not repeated, but his free-kick deflected by Felipe Anderson splinters the crossbar. It is the classic match that can be decided by the play of a champion and in the end it is: like at San Siro against Inter, Cataldi’s assist is perfect for Immobile who snaps on the edge of the offside and pricks Silvestri with a delicious lob. Udinese are on their legs and the result does not change anymore.

Immobile 7 – Sarri sends him out shortly after halfway through the second half to remove the chestnuts from the fire. He works on the edge of the offside and in the second overtime he finds the winning flash with a splendid lob. Irreplaceable.
Muriqi 6 – He starts well with a powerful header that forces Silvestri to make a big intervention. With the passing of the minutes it decreases, until the substitution with Immobile 20 ‘from the ninetieth.
Louis Albert 5 – The Spaniard is a distant relative of the admired footballer under the Inzaghi management. Never an invention, it is in an involutionary phase.

Silvestri 7 – Carries out two extraordinary interventions on Muriqi and Milinkovic-Savic. He can do nothing on the Palombella of Immobile.
Success 7 – The Nigerian striker is a real thorn in the side of the Lazio defense. He engages Reina in the second half, first Luiz Felipe and then Patric warn. Cioffi takes it off mid-shot to insert Beto.
Pussetto 5 – Cioffi ranks him second, points to the side of Success and disfigures with respect to his fellow ward. Virtually not received.

LAZIO-UDINESE 1-0 DTS (0-0 IN 90 ‘)
Lazio (4-3-3)
: Reina 6.5; Lazzari 6, Luiz Felipe 6, Patric 6 (10 ‘2ts Vavro sv), Marusic 6 (35’ st Hysaj 6); Milinkovic 6, Leiva 5.5 (1 ‘st Cataldi 6.5), Luis Alberto 5; Felipe Anderson 6 (13 ‘1ts Romero sv), Muriqi 6 (26’ st Immobile 7), Zaccagni 6 (1 ‘st Moro 6). Available: Strakosha, Adamonis, Floriani, Bertini, Jony. All.: Often 6
Udinese (3-5-2): Silvestri 7; Perez 5.5 (3′ 2ts Nuytinck sv), Becao 5.5, Zeegelaar 5.5; Soppy 6, Jajalo 6 (32′ st Arslan 5.5), Walace 6 (1′ 1ts Makengo 6), Samardzic 6.5, Udogie 6.5; Success 7 (22′ st Beto 6), Pussetto 5 (3′ 2ts Nestorovski sv). Available: Santurro, Piana, Cocetta, Pinzi, Castagnaviz, Damiani, Ianesi. All.: Cioffi 5.5
Referee: Minelli
Markers: 1 ‘2ts Property (L)
Ammonites: Becao (U), Zeegelaar (U), Pussetto (U), Luiz Felipe (L), Patric (L), Cataldi (L), Felipe Anderson (L), Perez (U), Hysaj (L), Arslan ( U)

• Lazio are the second team to have reached the quarter-finals in all the last 11 editions of the Italian Cup, together with Milan (Juventus at 10).
• Lazio have kept a clean sheet in two consecutive official matches for the first time with Maurizio Sarri on the bench.
• Udinese have not made it through in the last five occasions in which they have played in the first knockout round of the Coppa Italia.
• Udinese have been eliminated on 9 of the 13 occasions they have gone to at least extra time in the Coppa Italia.
• Ciro Immobile has scored nine goals for Lazio against Udinese in all competitions, only against Sampdoria he has more (12).
• Immobile has taken part in 23 goals in 25 matches for Lazio this season in all competitions.
• Only Robert Lewandowski (34), Karim Benzema (24) and Mohamed Salah (23) have scored more goals than Ciro Immobile (21) in the top five European leagues in 2021/22 considering all competitions.
• This is the first time in the Coppa Italia that a match between Lazio and Udinese has reached extra time.
• In the 17 games in which Lazio have gone to at least extra time in the Coppa Italia nine times they have won and lost eight times.
• Luka Romero is the first player born in 2004 to play with the Lazio shirt in the Italian Cup.

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