Lazio is doing Club Brugge a favor by beating Zenit | UEFA Champions League 2020/2021

In the group of Club Brugge, Lazio sent Zenit back to St. Petersburg empty-handed. The Romans won 3-1, which is good news for Club in the battle for 3rd place.

Lazio – Zenit in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: Zenit comes out of the dressing room eagerly and for a moment it seems to be an exciting second half, but then Barrios messes it up for the visitors. He takes down Immobile in the sixteen and the Italian striker shoots Russian hopes to shreds from the penalty spot.
  • Man of the match: Lazio is happy that Ciro Immobile has been relieved of the corona worries. Tonight he was again the defining figure among the Romans. After barely 3 minutes, his class already delivered a goal and ten minutes after half-time he decided the game with his second of the evening.
  • Remarkable: You are never too old to score your first goal in the Champions League. Marco Parolo had to wait until his 35th, but his goal was one to frame. With a bit more luck, the Italian could even have scored a second time shortly before half-time.

Juba gives Zenit hope after Lazio’s flashy start

At Lazio, Ciro Immobile is back after his corona infection and we must have known that. Last Saturday he already guided Lazio past Crotone with a goal and an assist and tonight he immediately left his mark on the game. After barely 3 minutes, he already had a wonderful long shot, Kerzhakov was left flabbergasted and defeated.

So dream start for Lazio, which held the reins firmly. Halfway through the first half, the home team struck again. This time Parolo went to the gun and his long shot also disappeared past the hopeless Kerzhakov in goal.

Zenit seemed like a bird to the cat, but barely 3 minutes after the 2-0 the visitors suddenly struck. Juba took the turn in the box and placed the ball in the far corner. First chance and immediately hit, Zenit participated again.

In an exciting first half, both teams continued to hand out jabs. Shortly before half-time, Lazio came very close to a third goal up to 2 times. Parolo left his second of the evening on a pass from Correa and Lazzari could not cash in on an assist from Correa. Only for Kerzhakov he decided right on the goalkeeper.

Immobile decides the match from the penalty spot

Lazio seemed a bit too sure and started the second half weak, while Zenit was looking emphatically for the equalizer. But after 10 minutes, the visitors killed themselves. Barrios took down Immobile in the sixteen and he aimed his second of the evening from the penalty spot.

For Zenit it was too much of a hit. The visitors were unable to make another fist and barely came close to Reina. The team of Sergei Semak did not get much further than a faint long shot from Malcom.

Lazio also did not really insist on an unnecessary second half. 5 minutes before the end, the home team came close to a fourth goal. Muriqi, who came on for match winner Immobile, was launched perfectly by Luis Alberto, but couldn’t get the ball past Kerzhakov.

Lazio remains in the running for the group win thanks to the home win. Zenit can now definitively forget about the European winter in the Champions League. Third place and the Europa League will be the highest possible.

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