Laylow’s “Trinity”: those other breathtaking covers

Since a year, Trinity de Laylow has established itself as an inspiration for a whole new fringe of graphic designers. A decisive universe.

It’s now been a year since Laylow published his superb Trinity. An ambitious first album, articulated around an oppressive story between the rapper and an emotional stimulation software. The strength of Trinity undoubtedly resides in an exceptional artistic direction: this cyberpunk, futuristic universe, covered with this digital green filter. A whole world that the graphic designers have incorporated to, in turn, deliver their own interpretations of the project.

In addition, for the past year, Laylow’s album has been the subject of many alternative covers. And with immense talent. We always find this very charismatic play of color, as well as this powerful atmosphere imagined by the artist. We made a selection of ten covers.

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