Laying of the foundation stone for the new Wim-Wenders-Gymnasium

School director Dr. Antonietta P. Zeoli (r.) Is looking forward to the new school building of the Wim-Wenders-Gymnasium with eighth grader Charlotta (Photo: © Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf / Ingo Lammert)


Düsseldorf. Investment volume of 48.85 million euros – completion is planned for the first quarter of 2023

The Wim-Wenders-Gymnasium is getting new school buildings including a competition sports hall: The foundation stone for the new building project at Schmiedestrasse 25 took place on Friday, January 29th. The school community receives a new school building measuring 12,235 square meters. The new triple sports hall is planned with a gross floor area of ​​3,914 square meters. The investment volume of the state capital Düsseldorf for both construction projects amounts to around 48.85 million euros. Completion is planned for the first quarter of 2023.

City director Burkhard Hintzsche: “The Wim-Wenders-Gymnasium is a great example of the ‘school of the future’. Flexible clusters of rooms, modern (media) technology and equipment as well as the multifunctional sports hall take into account the changed demands on education. Schoolchildren have the opportunity to be more self-organized and to experience school together. “

Headmistress Dr. Antonietta P. Zeoli: “The entire school community is happy every day about the very good progress on the construction site, which is taken into account in the teaching projects. In mathematics, calculations are made, in art the rooms are drawn in three-dimensional space or in chemistry the condition of the subsurface is examined. “

The three-storey ensemble consists of three learning houses and an administration building with an attached triple sports hall, which are arranged like a windmill around the entrance area in the center. The central building comprises the break hall, which is openly linked over three floors, the media library, the self-study center and the auditorium. The central and functionally designed element is a seating system that can also be used as a grandstand with around 120 seats for teaching purposes and smaller events and also creates a place for meeting and communication. The directly connected gymnastics room also serves as a dance and theater room. As an event space, there is space for up to 480 people.

On the ground floor of the school there are rooms with special functions such as the kitchen and dining room, rooms for the natural sciences and music lessons as well as function rooms belonging to the sports hall. The general classrooms and administration can be found on the two upper floors.

The learning and teaching rooms with the associated differentiation, recreation and recreation areas are combined into a unit, i.e. a cluster. The cluster is therefore a multifunctional zone that represents both a learning environment for cooperative and individual work, for encounters, for movement, for relaxation, for self-determined or guided learning. All clusters will be equipped with new data technology, writable projection surfaces and interactive projectors. In addition, the classrooms have large windows for natural lighting and ventilation.

The caretaker’s apartment is on the second floor of the administration building and can be reached via a separate staircase. The forecourt in the south, which is accessed directly from Schmiedestrasse, leads to the main entrance of the school and the entrance to the sports and competition hall.

The learning houses and the sports hall will have clinker brick facades. In contrast, the central entrance area is glazed and clad with a semi-open metal facade. In addition, all flat roofs will be greened over a total area of ​​1,100 square meters.

New construction of a triple sports hall
The entrance to the triple sports hall is reached via the forecourt on Schmiedestrasse. The foyer, a grandstand for around 300 people and changing rooms for the gymnastics room are located on the ground floor. The basement houses the sports areas, changing rooms and sanitary rooms as well as equipment and ancillary rooms. The sports area can also be used for school events with up to 600 people.

School and sports buildings are structurally connected to one another. In addition to school use, the new sports hall will also be available for competitions and club sports.

Outdoor facilities and traffic planning
Following the windmill-like arrangement of the learning houses, the outdoor facilities are divided into different zones such as sports courtyard, playground, relaxation area, canteen and art courtyard, school garden and a central playground. The required 38 parking spaces for cars and 204 for bicycles will be created on the school premises to the west and east of the main entrance.

The two entrances to the parking lots and the fire service entrance are via gate systems. There will be a barrier-free school bus stop between the western and central driveway. The existing cycle path remains in its old position and width. A total of 51 trees and around 1,100 square meters of vegetation are planned for the greening of the school yard.

Accommodation during the construction period
36 months are planned for the overall construction work including the demolition of the existing buildings. During this time, the student body is taught in a three-storey facility with school room replacement containers on a gross floor area of ​​3,800 square meters. The immediately adjacent property with a size of around 4,400 square meters is available for this. The interim school includes the administration, classrooms, rooms for music, art, natural sciences and the necessary ancillary rooms. During this outsourcing period, there are also parking spaces on the property that can be reached from Schmiedestrasse.

The outdoor area also includes the playground with play equipment, the school garden, green spaces and sufficient bicycle parking spaces. The costs for the interim construction including rents amount to around 9.6 million euros.

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