Lawyer: Terán released more details of the “narcoaudios” case – Police

Richard Cayoja, lawyer for the former commander of the Mobile Patrol Unit (Umopar) Chimoré Yerko Terán, stated last night that his client testified for more than four hours before the prosecutors, where he told the whole truth and even revealed more details of the “narcoaudios” case that It refers to the alleged existence of “certain groups” within the anti-drug forces that protect and promote illicit drug trafficking activities.

“(Yerko Terán) gave his informative statement and has stated the whole truth and that is a fundamental test for the Public Ministry. There is other evidence that he has made known (to the prosecutors). He has not been apprehended because the Prosecutor’s Office has been fair, legal and objective in its actions and, due to this situation, my client is free, ”said Cayoja, while leaving the Abugoch building located on Jordán street in Cochabamba.

According to the lawyer, the former commander of Umopar Chimoré has no reason to “escape or hide from Justice” for what he appeared yesterday to testify, despite the fact that it was said that he was going to be apprehended for the “narcoaudios” case.


On April 4, the leader of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), Evo Morales, denounced, armed with WhatsApp audios, a possible act of protection for drug trafficking and in which they allegedly covered up people who manufactured drugs in four laboratories in the area of Sajta Valley of the Tropic of Cochabamba.

The former president began his complaint by listening to audios that were provided by, according to Morales, “compañeros de base”. “We want to know who the colonel is, because he has instructed them to leave a factory when Umopar was going to carry out an operation. I don’t know if it’s something plotted to affect the Tropics. Some were operators of the de facto government, that is why we denounced and asked for a thorough investigation in that area of ​​Valle Sajta”.

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For the case, Iver Alejandro of VH, police captain, was placed before a precautionary judge a few days ago for the alleged crimes of breach of duties, improper use of influence and resolutions contrary to the Constitution and the laws. The officer received house arrest with the right to work, but he must also appear every Monday before the Public Ministry, in addition to a root and a deposit of 20,000 bolivianos.

Meanwhile, the former commander of Umopar Chimoré Yerko Terán, who was initially a complainant, was summoned yesterday to testify, but left the Prosecutor’s Office without an arrest warrant.

Likewise, the former director of the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (FELCN) José María Velasco, the former national head of Umopar Jaime Arancibia are being investigated after the audios were revealed, which according to Terán are ‘legitimate’, and complaints about orders to stop an operation against drug trafficking in Valle Sajta.

Terán, in a previous contact with the media, said that he was forced to leave that drug mega-laboratory due to pressure and threats, since he had been ordered to leave the place by instruction of the “Minister and Vice Minister.” The former commander of Umopar Chimoré avoided giving statements to the media last night, while a small group of people expressed their support for him.

The case is still under investigation and Velasco and Arancibia are expected to give their informative statement to the Prosecutor’s Office in the next few hours.

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