“Lawsuit Against The Sun: Hugh Grant Accuses Tabloid of Illegal Activities”

CelebritiesHugh Grant (62) may continue his charges against News Group Newspapers (NGN). The British actor claims that journalists from ‘The Sun’ collected information about him in an unauthorized way.

The actor says that private investigators working for ‘The Sun’ used to tap his phone and break into his house to get stories about him, among other things. NGN wanted to stop the lawsuit because Grant had not brought the case within six years, but the judge rejected that attempt. However, the actor cannot sue NGN for tapping his voicemail. The judge ruled that Grant could have filed a case about this earlier. The publisher has denied all of the actor’s allegations.

LOOK. Hugh Grant arrives at court in London.

Private detectives

At the end of April, Hugh Grant himself traveled to London to testify in the trial. The actor stated at the time that ‘The Sun’ “goes to great lengths to publish exclusive news about him”. “My case involves unlawful acts by ‘The Sun’, including ordered burglaries of private property to obtain private information through wiretapping, tapping telephone lines, phone hacking, and using private investigators to do illegal things against me,” the statement said. ‘Love Actually’ actor.

At the London hearing, Grant said his film production company and his ex-girlfriend Liz Hurley were burgled in the 2000s. According to the British actor, ‘The Sun’ had engaged private investigators for this and the burglaries would have been carried out “with the knowledge and approval of Rebekah Brooks, who was then editor-in-chief of the newspaper.” Brooks is currently the CEO of parent company ‘News UK’.

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Burglary and phone hacking

And those wouldn’t have been the only burglaries. For example, Grant stated that his apartment in London was broken into in 2011. Nothing had been stolen, but the front door had been forced open and taken off its hinges. A day after the incident, an article appeared in ‘The Sun’ which “described in detail the interior of his home.” Grant’s domestic quarrel was also described by the tabloid.

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Hugh Grant on his way to court in London. © Photo News

Eleven years later, the actor says he obtained evidence that the British newspaper was behind the burglary. Private investigator Gavin Burrows contacted Grant last year and explained that the tabloid had hired private investigators. “Burrows had information. He knew – in addition to hacking my phone and tapping my landline – that I had been broken into by people working for ‘The Sun’ and that a tracker had been placed in my car,” the actor stated.

Grant is suing News Group Newspapers along with Britain’s Prince Harry. NGN has also asked a judge to dismiss Prince Harry’s case, but a verdict in that case is not expected until July.


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