Law Creates Work To Make The Labor Sector More Guaranteed

JAKARTA, – Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita said that workers and industry are closely related. Therefore, there is no intention of the government to bring industrial players and workers alike.

He promised, Omnibus Law Law (UU) Create Work precisely make the workforce will be guaranteed.

“In the eyes of the government, industry and workers are actually like twins. He is not a brother but a twin. So there cannot be one sector that is adorable,” he said in a virtual press conference, Wednesday (7/10/2020).

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“We can see from the explanations of the ministers that it is Work Creation Act this makes the labor sector better guaranteed, “he continued.

Agus Gumiwang explained that the Job Creation Law would bring benefits to the manufacturing industry, one of them. With these benefits, he believes that labor will also benefit.

“If you ask, what are the benefits of the Job Creation Law for the manufacturing industry, I can say that from the 9 existing clusters, if we can detail them one by one, they will directly benefit the manufacturing industry. said above earlier that he would certainly also benefit the labor sector, “he said.

Next, said Minister of Industry, there are 16 articles in the Job Creation Law that are directly related to industry. Later, of the 16 articles, there will be a draft government regulation (RPP) for the implementation of the Job Creation Law in the industrial sector which will cover 5 things.

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First, he said, the ease of obtaining raw materials and supporting materials. This is to ensure that the investment runs well, the production process runs well. Second, guidance and supervision of conformity assessment institutions.

Third, related to strategic industries. Fourth, relating to community participation in industrial development. Fifth, procedures for supervising and controlling industrial businesses and industrial estate businesses.

“This is all once again the government’s effort to make accelerations. I think that’s all we can say,” he said.


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