Lavrov: The EU and NATO are forming a coalition for war with Russia – World

“When World War II began, Germany gathered under its banner a significant part, if not the largest, of European countries for war against the Soviet Union. Now it is the same – the EU and NATO are assembling just such a modern coalition to fight, and most likely to go to war with Russia. We will monitor all this very carefully, “said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Ukrainian forces will have to withdraw from Severodonetsk

According to him, the political line of the European Union confirms the unwillingness to create a single space from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and to implement the agreement with Russia on the development of the common humanitarian area, as well as cooperation in the fields of economy and security.

Ukraine has filed a lawsuit against Russia in the ECHR

“The European Union is proving that it does not want any unifying tendencies in Europe, that it does not and does not intend to implement the existing agreements between Russia and the EU countries on the development of common territories in the field of economy, humanitarian and internal security. And it does not want to carry out these tasks, which were formulated in accordance with the lofty goals of creating a common space from the Atlantic to the Pacific. “Everything is behind us, everything is in the past,” Lavrov said.

What is NATO’s Achilles heel?


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