Lavrov has again threatened the world with nuclear weapons


The Russian nuclear doctrine will extend to “new” territories – Lavrov

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation once again threatened to use nuclear weapons, answering a question about the fake “referendums” in Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that all Russian laws and doctrines, including nuclear power, will also apply to the territories of Ukraine annexed by bogus “referendums” if enshrined in the Russian Constitution. Lavrov’s statement at a press conference at the UN quotes Russian Interfax agency.

Answering the question whether the nuclear doctrine of the Russian Federation will apply to the “new regions”, that is, the occupied territories of Ukraine, if they vote for accession to Russia during the “referend”, he replied: “The whole territory of Russia The Federation, which is fixed and can be further enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation, of course, is under the full protection of the state, this is absolutely natural.All laws, doctrines, concepts, strategies of the Russian Federation apply to the its entire territory “.

Commenting on statements about the upcoming US response in the event of “attacking” the occupied territories on Russia, the minister noted: “I would not engage in any gloomy predictions here.”

Lavrov also stated that “by supplying weapons to Kiev, the United States, the European Union and NATO cannot claim neutral status, that is, they cannot claim not to participate in the conflict”.

According to him, the United States is sending weapons to Ukraine, providing intelligence and satellite data, which means that “they are not at all neutral in this situation and are part of the conflict”.

It was previously reported that the US military high command considers this realistic possibility of direct nuclear conflict and this requires a review of approaches to the conduct of war.

In NATO warned the Russian Federation of the consequences use of nuclear weapons.

And US President Joe Bideni said that in the case of using nuclear weapons, Russia will become even more of a pariah in the world than it has ever been.

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