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National days go by and some things don’t change. As is often the case this season, Stade Lavallois has recorded a success that has emerged thanks, in particular, to its number 9 Geoffrey Durbant. After a first alert on a recovery of the right not on target in the 10th, the Mayenne striker finds the net on a uncrossed header which takes the direction of the small net of Maxime Pattier (13 ‘).

The duo Le Marer – Lavigne turns the heads of the Tangos

In front of the score, the Tangos were less offensive in the minutes that followed and were only satisfied with a few situations here and there. But ten minutes before the return to the locker room, and while the duels become more and more rough in the midfield, Alexis Sauvage’s partners are entering a positive period. Maxime Pattier watches over the grain and allows his partners not to concede the second goal synonymous with a break.

Opposite, if the duo James Le Marer – Valentin Lavigne fails to shake the opposing defense, it brings danger. Rémy Duterte paid the price and was forced to make the mistake too much, which earned him a yellow card (43rd). On the return from the locker room, the locals have to deal with two hard knocks since on the restart, Kevin Perrot, decisive passer and touched many times in the first act, as well as Jimmy Roye, victim of a shock in midfield four minutes later, are forced to leave their place.

Benhaïm has a chouïa to register the goal of the year

Not quite in place and a little passive on a badly cleared key, the Griffons conceded the second goal in the 60th. Julien Maggiotti fixes Maxime Pattier and adjusts the Costa Rican goalkeeper on a half volley at the entrance to the box. Not dejected so far, the visitors continue to push and bring danger to the goal of Alexis Sauvage.

At the 67th, on a brilliant inspiration at 35 (40?) Meters, Julien Benhaïm tries a lob. But the leather, capricious, touches the uprights twice and comes out. It is again him, 20 minutes later, who tries a roll-up from 20 meters. Not enough, since Stade Briochin has suffered its 4th defeat this season. For its part, Stade Lavallois returned to victory at home after two setbacks.

Stade Lavallois ratings

  • Alexis Sauvage (6)
  • Kevin Perrot (6) : decisive passer on the first goal, he is replaced by Baptiste Etcheverria (6) at halftime.
  • Marvin Baudry (5)
  • Yasser Balde (5)
  • Remy Duterte (5)
  • Edson Seidou (5)
  • Jordan Adeoti (6)
  • Jimmy Roye (5)
  • Julien Maggiotti (5)
  • Geoffray Durbant (6)
  • Sebastien Da Silva (5)
  • Olivier Frapolli (coach, 6)

The Briochin Stadium ratings

  • Maxime Pattier (5)
  • James Le Marer (6)
  • Hugo Boudin (5)
  • Benjamin Angoua (4)
  • Morgan Jean-Pierre (5)
  • Maël Illien (6)
  • Ahmed Alley (5)
  • Julien Benhaim (6)
  • Valentin Lavigne (6)
  • Mathéo Remars (5)
  • Franck Rivollier (4)
  • Didier Santini (coach, 4)


Geoffray Durbant : Not flamboyant in the game, he once again displayed his exceptional sense of goal. From his second attempt, he found the net, before dying out a bit over the course of the game.

The Le Marer – Lavigne duo: Faced with a Laval block well in place, the duo Le Marer – Lavigne, author of good combinations on their right flank, has been able to interfere on numerous occasions within the rearguard of the Tangos. Undoubtedly the two most restless players on the Griffins side.


Briochine defense: Due to a lack of aggressiveness at times, or an excess of passivity at other times, the Griffon defenders were unable to muzzle the Laval attackers. The fifth best defense tied in the championship ends its meeting with two goals conceded for the 4th time this season.



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