Lauris Reiniks harshly evaluates Latvian shaman’s abilities in “Psychic battles” – Show business

Currently, the show’s 20th season can be seen on TV screens, followed by Reiniks. He posted his observations about the Latvian shaman on Twitter.

In response, he added to a follower that Ivo had been voted out of the show because he had “utterly saddened” “psychic abilities.”

We remind you that in the conversation with the publication “Privacy”, Ivo Puriņš revealedthat he managed to stay on the show longer than his Latvian counterpart – he participated in the filming from August to November.

Puriņš claimed that everything on the show really happens: “The people who take part in it are not actors. Everyone had a fantastic life experience.”

Asked why he did not win the show, Puriņš explained that he does not consider himself a psychic. “To tell something, I need to know the dates. I wasn’t given them on the show. I even made a scandal about it – I was indignantly asked why I don’t give dates because I work with them. I’m a compiler of days. The creators of the show ignored me because everyone the same, so I was not given dates. “

Photo: “Psychic fights” selection in Riga

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