Launched: Motorola Edge 20 Pro, Edge 20 and Edge 20 Lite

The new Edge series consists of three different phones and they are equipped with better cameras, faster performance and screens and we also find here the first camera from Motorola equipped with periscope zoom.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro

The flagship in the family is the Edge 20 Pro, but even though it is the sharpest of the three, it does not have the sharpest processor from Qualcomm but instead has a Snapdragon 870. In other words, there is support for 5G and Wifi 6 and the phone has 12 GB of working memory combined. with 256 GB of storage.

The screen in the Motorola Edge 20 Pro is of course 6.7 inches of the OLED type and the update rate is a full 144 hertz. Unlike last year’s Edge Pro model, Motorola has now abandoned the screen with curved edges and now the Edge 20 Pro instead has a flat screen, according to Motorola based on consumer research, simply that flat screen without curved edges is what customers prefer.

The cameras in the Motorola Edge 20 Pro offer zoom up to 50 times the magnification thanks to the periscope zoom. Optical image stabilization helps to make particularly zoomed-in images sharp, and in the camera app, just like many similar cameras, a thumbnail is displayed so that you can more easily aim correctly. The main camera in the Edge 20 Pro is 108 megapixels and it is complemented by wide angle and macro that allows you to take pictures from down to 3 centimeters distance.

Super slow motion where you can shoot at 960 frames per second is another feature found here and it is also found in the Edge 20. Motorola The Edge 20 Pro is the first Motorola phone that can record video in 8K, but all three phones can record in 4K.

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Motorola Edge 20

The slightly cheaper Motorola Edge 20 has a lot in common with the more expensive Pro model. For example, it has 144 hertz in the screen and the same 108 megapixel sensor, wide-angle and macro camera. On the other hand, it lacks a periscope zoom, but has a zoom that gives 30 times magnification. The screen is an OLED screen of 6.7 inches, but instead of the Snapdragon 870, we find here the Snapdragon 778G and not 12 GB but 8 GB of working memory. The battery in the Edge 20 is 4000 mAh and both the Edge 20 and Edge 20 Pro as well as the Lite model we will soon get into support for fast charging with Motorola’s Turbopower 30.

Motorola Edge 20 Lite

The cheapest phone in the series is the Edge 20 Lite, but it also has the 6.7-inch LED screen, just like the rest of the family members. We also find 108 megapixel camera sensor, ultra-wide angle and macro. We will be without Snapdragon, because the Motorola Edge 20 Lite is instead powered by a simpler unspecified Mediatek chip. The working memory is 8 GB and the battery is 5000 mAh.

Background, features and prices

For a couple of years, Motorola has mainly aimed at affordable phones in an intermediate segment, but last year they made a return to the flagship class with Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge Plus (which we tested in May last year) while getting into it foldable class with Motorola Razr and the sequel Razr 5G. However, Motorola still has a strong presence, especially in the lower price ranges and top models, neither the Razr nor the Edge models have probably made the impression that Motorola hoped for. It remains to be seen if they succeed better with the now launched new products.

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In connection with Motorola’s release of the new Edge 20 family, they are also striking a blow for their Motorola Ready For solution, which is a way to make the mobile’s content easier for a larger screen, such as a TV or a computer screen. Now there is also support for wireless connection and the idea is that you should be able to use it for streaming movies, playing games or for productivity.

Motorola is thus releasing the Motorola Edge 20 Pro and it will cost SEK 7,000. In addition, there is Edge 20 for SEK 5,000 and Edge 20 Lite for SEK 4,000. There is still no information about when the Swedish sales start will take place. Motorola intends to release that information only later.

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