Laughter crossed David. I don’t know what happened, she was sad after a failed sprint

The Czech biathletes did not sprint at the Olympic Games in Beijing. The best of them was Lucie Charvátová, who missed the last target and finished twenty-fifth. Jessica Jislová was 31st, while Czech number one Markéta Davidová made four shooting mistakes and took 41st place. The winner was the Norwegian Marte Olsbu Röiseland, for whom Charvát lost a minute and 51 seconds in the finish.

The eleventh woman in the World Cup, Davidová, has significantly complicated her position in Sunday’s fighter race after the second worst sprint of the season. He starts with a loss of two minutes and 27 seconds to Olsbu Röiseland.

“I smiled at the shooting, but the laughter swept over me in the race. I don’t know what happened there. I clicked on the wind while lying down, but I don’t know where it was and what I did differently than normal,” regretted David.

Before the first shot, she lost only 9.4 seconds due to a fast run to the forehead, but after two mistakes she failed. According to assistant coach Jiří Holubec, her missed wounds were higher than they should have been.

“I think she ran over them. But I don’t think Markéta was bothering here. It didn’t work out for her today,” Holubec said after David didn’t hit another two standing shots.

The 25-year-old competitor did not follow up on the sixth place from the previous endurance race, where she fought for the victory and deprived of it with an unsuccessful last blow. Despite the eleventh fastest running time, she shared 41st place with Ivona Fialková from Slovakia.

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“I don’t think I could handle big events. I drove a good individual, but I don’t know what happened today,” David shrugged.

Charvát did better on the shooting range. After the initial clean shooting while lying down, she was close to success also in the “stand”, but the last shot did not fall into the target in the end.

“I’m happy with the shooting here, but I’m worried about the track. I don’t know each other. The last lap was difficult and I felt the seconds and location just fail,” saddened the native of Hradec Králové, who had the 44th running time.

However, he continues to fight for participation in the mass start race. “I will fight like a lion. A jet massacre at the Olympics would be the icing on the cake and something beautiful. But there is still a chase and I do not know if there will be anything better on my track in my run,” added Charvátová.

World Cup leader Olsbu Röiseland has improved her silver medals in Pyongyang and is celebrating her first individual Olympic gold. She won her third medal at the Beijing Games. The second was with a loss of 30.9 seconds, the Swede Elvira Öberg, the bronze is Italian Dorothea Wierer, who was 37.2 seconds behind the winner.

XXIV. Beijing Winter Olympics:


Women’s Sprint (7.5 km):

1. Röiseland (NOR) 20: 44.3 (0 laps), 2. E. Öberg (Sweden) -30.9 (0), 3. Wierer (It.) -37.2 (0) , 4. Hauserova (AUT) -47.3 (0), 5. Tandrevoldova (NOR) -1: 00.2 (0), 6. Rezcovova (RUS) -1: 05.0 (2), 7. Magnusson (SWE) -1: 05.9 (0), 8. Jimova (UKR) -1: 07.5 (1), 9. Besconda (Fr.) -1: 08.8 (1) , 10. Stremousová (Mold.) -1: 15.2 (0),… 25. Charvátová -1:51,3 (1), 31. Jislová -1:58,4 (1), 41. David -2:27,5 (4), 58. Voborníková (all CR) -2: 46.6 (2).

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