Laufenburg / CH: The “Adler” inn in Laufenburg / Switzerland can be renovated

The municipal assembly of Laufenburg / CH approved the commitment loans for three major construction projects on Friday. One of them is the renovation of the “Adler” property on the market square. The restaurant has been owned by the municipality since 2018 and is to be renovated for 2.5 million francs.

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Laufenburg / Switzerland

Big sums are involved: Laufenburg / Switzerland is pushing the old town concept forward

“The ‘Adler’ is a striking building, but in a desolate condition,” said councilor Andr Maier. The roof structure is rotten, the floor of which is no longer accessible in places. The renovation measures result in costs of CHF 2.5 million. They include the installation of three studio apartments on the top floor and four apartments on the second floor. Minor modifications are necessary on the first floor with the offices, the ground floor will also be used as a restaurant after the renovation. In this context, Maier reported that the current tenant will stop in March 2021 for reasons of age.

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Municipality of Laufenburg / Switzerland wants to buy local buildings

There is still no solution for the temporary pedestrian overpass on Kantonsstrasse near the Burgmatt school building.

Not far from the “Adler”, the “Schtzen” hotel and the surrounding area are to be redesigned. For a corresponding feasibility study, the assembly approved a commitment credit of 75,000 francs. The municipality acquired the Schtzen property last year. The feasibility study is intended to serve as the basis for the further development of the Burgmatt area, including parking spaces at the school building and the castle hill, as well as passages across Kantonsstrasse. “We want to move the” Schtzen “area into a new future,” Meinrad Schraner advertised the project.

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Community assembly in Laufenburg (Switzerland) criticizes the construction site in front of the hotel “Schtzen”

In the district of Btz, the community wants to build an apartment building with eight apartments of different sizes for 3.2 million francs. Calculated return: 144,000 francs per year. “It will give a new look,” said Vice-Minister Meinrad Schraner, convinced of the new building. The majority of the apartments are age and handicapped accessible. But: “We don’t want to start until four rental contracts have been signed,” says Schraner. Sebastian Meier applied for a photovoltaic system to be installed on the roof of the house or on the carport. The redevelopment of Hinterdorfstrasse, also in Sulz, is on the dry side. The meeting approved the commitment loan of 3.4 million francs.

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Assumed arsonist threatened beforehand

A total of around ten million francs of commitment credits were put to the vote. Of 2002 eligible voters, only 70 were present. Which is why Ren Leuenberger applied, on behalf of the FDP, to submit the three most expensive projects in the millions to the referendum. “We don’t want to fight anything,” he said, “we want to pick up the rest of the voters.” Mayor Herbert Weiss rejected this with regard to municipal law. “Basically everything is subject to the optional referendum,” he declared.

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Police arrest suspected arsonists

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On December 18, the one-way rule on Kantonsstrasse in Laufenburg is to be lifted. Community councilor Christian Rede pointed this out in the community meeting. The construction site is not over, “it goes on,” said Rede. The top layer is to be applied in the summer of 2021, “it will be a bigger exercise,” said Rede. He did not give an exact date.

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