Latvian Radio legend Gunārs Jākobsons has written a book of memories

Published by “Zvaigzne ABC”, a memory book of Latvian Radio legends – journalist and sports commentator Gunārs Jākobsons – “Microphone” has just been published Gunārs Jākobsons“.

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Gunārs Jākobsons has initiated and long-termed the “Microphone Song” surveys created by Latvian Radio. He has commented on sports competitions and the Olympic Games, and has been the author of reports for many Song Festivals.

“No matter what the hero of the book has been working in, the tool of his creative life has always been a microphone. Having just celebrated its 85th anniversary, Gunārs Jākobsons is still lively and active, “writes publishers.

Gunārs Jākobsons once claimed that the book would never be written, but now the book was written and contains the first childhood memories of Jaunsvirlauka “Bodnieki”, boyhood years on the shores of Svitene and studies at a boys’ school in Jelgava, “You can pay only” Pepper Bitter “and” Selga “cookies, and adventures, traveling around the world to comment on the World Championships and the Olympics.

“Life – it’s deep tracks and high, bright clouds. It’s a real, down-to-earth existence and a puzzle that can’t be solved forever. The Faculty of Law, I have not worked as a lawyer for a day, “the author of the book writes.

“Gunārs has been lucky, and no matter what job he has done, he has always coped with it successfully. for the first time in history with a result of 3: 2 surpassed the Russian national team, both in 2004 during the debut of Latvian footballers at the European Championship in Portugal, and at other world-class events, which were also announced to Latvian Radio listeners, “the publishers write.

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In addition to the events of personal life, the book is dedicated to the legendary cultural and sports events and their heroes, as well as stories about journalists’ illusions and domestic celebrities, as well as a wide range of photographs.

An e-book is also available.

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