Latvian Police to Fine Owners of Cars with “I am Russian” Stickers

Latvian Police to Fine Owners of Cars with “I am Russian” Stickers

If the country’s police officers find cars with such stickers, they will fine their owners.

According to TASS, in Latvia, police officers were allowed to fine drivers of cars with a “I am Russian” sticker. The Latvian authorities also announced that they would bring to administrative responsibility the owners of cars with stickers on which there would be any mention of belonging to the Russian people. Latvian officials called the stickers with the above-mentioned inscription “potentially provocative” and noted that such a step as issuing a fine is necessary in the context of growing geopolitical tension due to the conflict in Ukraine.

– The State Police, upon discovering vehicles covered with such inscriptions, will immediately require the owners to remove them, and will also explain the purpose and motivation for placing such an inscription. These persons may be brought to administrative responsibility,” TASS quoted from a report by the Latvian police.

Wherein “MK” noted that such a measure was taken immediately after a photo of a car with a sticker “I am Russian” appeared on the Internet. This, apparently, served as the basis for the decision to bring to administrative responsibility all drivers who decided to express their support for Russia with the help of a harmless inscription.

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2023-09-26 06:29:20

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