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In September, the Latvian National Theater will resume work with eight productions, the director of the Latvian National Theater Jānis Vimba said at a press conference. On the morning of July 30, Vimba revealed in the program “900 seconds” what the mood is in the group of actors and whether a children’s show will be shown in the theater this year.

If last season, in Vimba’s opinion, was challenging and ambiguous, then the next season has already been “drawn”, because the artistic council has been working on it. Vimba emphasized that the team has worked in such a way that, in the opinion of the theater director, the new season has been very dignified, expressing hope that the planned will be implemented.

Vimba revealed that the theater plans to start the new season with William Shakespeare’s “Dream of a Summer Night”, as well as play “Riests” by playwright Linda Rudene, directed by Valters Sīlis.

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Vimba revealed that the actors have been vaccinated against Covid-19, and he hopes that the audience will do the same, so that they can return to enjoying the art of theater as soon as possible.

In recent months, several theaters have opened their doors to vaccinated spectators, but the Latvian National Theater was one of those that decided to give the theater staff a well-deserved vacation.

“People had worked for almost a year and three months with short breaks. Thus, they had the opportunity to relax, enjoy time with their loved ones, and time also pampered us. I know that next season will be difficult and difficult, “said Vimba.

The Latvian National Theater is planning for the next season eight new productions, but Vimba pointed out that, given that seven new productions remained from the previous year, which viewers have not seen, the total number of new productions in the season will reach 14-16.

Asked about the theatre’s financial situation, Vimba gladly revealed that the Latvian National Theater had closed last year with a profit, despite the restrictions set by the state, which prevented the audience from attending the performances in person.

Regarding the vaccination of Covid-19, Vimba revealed that the theater had not been forced to lay off an employee due to the vaccine, but noted that the need for vaccination was still being actively discussed at the theater. He found that more than 95% of employees in the theater are currently vaccinated against Covid-19.

Asked about the possibility of children’s performances, considering that vaccination is currently only possible from the age of 12, Vimba admitted that this issue is the most difficult for the theater. The Latvian National Theater had planned to show the audience a new production in the Great Hall of the theater, but now the show has been canceled. Vimba hopes that in time it will be possible to perform such a show for small theater-goers, but unfortunately this is not possible with the current epidemiological rules.

The premiere of William Shakespeare’s play “Dream of a Summer Night” will take place with the audience on September 30. The director of the production is Senkov. On September 16, in the Great Hall, those interested will be able to watch Friedrich Schiller’s youth tragedy “Ferdinand and Louise” staged by director Dita Lūriņa.

On September 22, you will be able to watch Gucson Kanin’s melodramatic comedy “Born Yesterday” staged by Sluck. On September 10, in the Actors’ Hall, those interested will be able to attend Haruck Pinter’s drama “Treason” staged by Sluck.

On September 23, Freibergs will direct Stendal’s romantic drama “Red and Black”. In the “LMT New Hall” on September 14, Nastavšev will be able to watch Craig Werner’s psychological thriller based on the motifs of Patric Haismit’s novel “Strangers on the Train”.

On September 22, Linda Rudene’s documentary “Riests” directed by Valters Sīlis will be shown at the theater. On September 30, you will be able to watch the diploma work “Persona” directed by Mārtiņš Gūtmanis, a student of the Latvian Academy of Culture, which is a variation of Ingmar Bergman on the human theme.



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