Latvian co-production documentary “Between Two Wars” received the main prize at the international festival “GoEast”

Latvian co-produced documentary “Between Two Wars” or “This Rain Will Never Stop” has received the main prize at the international festival “GoEast”, which is one of the most important cinema events in Central and Eastern Europe and has been taking place in Wiesbaden, Germany for 21 years, LETA informed the filmmaker representative Ilona Bičevska.

She pointed out that the film “Between Two Wars” is a co-production of Ukraine, Latvia, Germany and Qatar, created by Ukrainian director Alina Gorlova. The film won the main competition of the festival, for which 16 feature films and documentaries were selected, and won the “Golden Lily” award, which is supplemented by a cash prize of 10,000 euros.

Bičevska explained that another Latvian film has earned the attention of the jury at this festival – the short film “Man” by director Jūlija Tymoshkin, made in the studio “Ego Media”, has received a jury diploma.

Since the autumn of 2020, “Between Two Wars” has won the “First Appearance” award at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA), the main prize at the Spanish festival “Las Palmas” and the Italian festival “Dei Popoli”, at the documentary film festival “Docudays UA” .

It is planned that the film will premiere in Latvia in the autumn. The film “Between Two Wars” was made by director Gorlov, producer Maxim Nakonechnyi, Ukrainian film studio “Tabor Production”. The partners of the Latvian side of the film are the studio “Avantis Promo”, producer Ilona Bičevska. The music for the film was written by the Latvian composer “Goran Gora”. The consultants of the script are Ivo Briedis, Atis Klimovičs and Bičevska.

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