Latvia has voted for Dvorković, who is close to Putin, in the FIDE presidential election – Other sports

Dvorković’s candidacy was supported by 157 out of 179 national federations. Ukrainian representative Andriy Baryshpolec and Frenchman Bahar Quatly also ran for the post of president.

The vote was secret.

Kasparov announced that Estonia, Slovakia and Latvia voted for Dvorković. “There is a long list of European Union (EU) countries that voted for Russia’s representative,” said Kasparov, who does not shy away from criticizing the Kremlin regime.

Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, England, the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark have been against Dvorković, according to the information available to Kasparov.

“No one doubted the outcome of the election. It’s a question of morality. I can’t imagine how people who are citizens of the European Union could vote for a representative of Russia,” Kasparov said. “For him [Dvorkovičam] has 20 years of experience in Russian authorities. He is no stranger to this system. And the fact that today his name does not officially appear anywhere means nothing. He is still part of this big Kremlin machine that is careful not to lose its international influence.”

Barišpolec also told the delegates in his speech before the vote that Dvorković has close ties with the Russian government.

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