Latvia has the fifth lowest coverage of Covid-19 vaccination among EU / EEA countries

In Latvia, 52.4% of the total population received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine and currently in only four countries this indicator is lower – in Bulgaria – 21%, in Romania – 31.2%, in Slovakia – 45% and in Croatia – 46%.

Proportionally, the highest doses of the first vaccine are still used in Portugal, where 87.4% of the population has already received the first dose, and Malta, where the figure is 81.6%. Spain is in third place with 80%.

In fourth place is Norway, which has vaccinated at least the first dose of 78.1% of the population.

Meanwhile, in Lithuania this indicator is 63.7%, but in Estonia – 57.8%.

In terms of the proportion of completed vaccination episodes, Latvia is in fifth place from the end. At present, the full vaccination course in Latvia is 47.8%, while in Bulgaria – 20.1%, in Romania – 29.4%, in Croatia – 43.3%, but in Slovakia – 43.8%.

In the Baltic neighboring countries, this indicator is higher – in Lithuania 60.4% have completed vaccination, but in Estonia – 54.8%.

The cumulative proportion of all EU and EEA countries vaccinated at the first dose is 68.2% and the number of completed vaccinations is 63.4%.

Vaccine data used in the ECDC compilation are relative to the total population.

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