Latvia has had a good harvest of watermelons and melons this year; excursions to nurseries are organized

This year a good harvest of watermelons and melons has passed in Latvia. It turns out that watermelons and melons are now grown by more and more people, but it is still a surprise to many. That’s why watermelon and melon growers invite visitors to see watermelons and melons in the field with their own eyes.

From a distance, only a connoisseur will be able to tell what is growing in the field of Salas parish in Babīte district. Watermelons and melons lying on the ground can be noticed only when they arrive.

“This year we get watermelons faster, usually watermelons ripen in the middle of August, but melons are the first. This year it all happened at the same time. ” The owner of the field Maija Kondrjatuka points out that watermelons can still surprise them as well.

Watermelons were planted already in early May this year, so they still had to be covered with so-called tunnels, which looked especially impressive at night. “We saved, put tunnels and smoke candles. The neighbors were happy to look so beautiful at night, ”says the hostess.

Some of the plants, however, freeze, but others have been planted in their place and finally the harvest was quite impressive.

Maija watermelons and melons have been grown for the sixth year in a row, but she still has not discovered a sure way to determine their ripeness: “Everyone is knocking on the market too! I’m seeing here is yellow this isn’t really there yet. I read that you don’t look after it, sometimes by intuition. “

Watermelons with a yellow middle grow well in Salas parish. They also taste no less than people for a field guard. Maija points out that although there is not only one farm in Latvia where watermelons are grown, buyers are still surprised to learn that they are ripe in our country.

“I wonder, all these years I still wonder. Asks: “Latvia? Well, it can’t be that Latvia! ” We also turn around and taste: “Yes, sweet!” So this year we decided that on Sundays we will organize excursions so that you can come to see the field, to really believe that it is grown here, ”says the watermelon and melon grower.

These watermelons and melons are already available in some supermarkets and the owners also sell them in the Riga central market. But everyone can take the time and come directly to the field, where these beautiful fruits ripen.

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