Latte is basically the first generation, the ranking of Pokemon history titles

Pokemon is a very popular IP around the world. You can easily meet them in comics, games and various goods, and Pokemon game competitions are held overseas as well. The “Pokemon World Championship”, which was canceled in August due to Corona, was also held in the UK for the first time in two years.

You can come across Pokemon in so many different fields, but I think the games are the most popular among them. The Pokemon game series began with “Pokemon Red Green”, which was first released in 1996, and was released until the current 8th generation. Also, the ninth generation of “Pokemon Scarlet Violet” is expected to be released in November.

Since it’s a long-running game that has been around for over 20 years, the age range of users who enjoy Pokémon games is relatively diverse. It’s funny to say that you can roughly estimate age by looking at the generation of your favorite Pokémon game. Since there are a lot of people who like Pokemon around me, let’s take a look at past Pokemon titles they think.

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■ Fundamental 1st generation

▲ Friend A’s Pokémon title level table

A friend selected the highest S level of the first generation, recognized by users who have been playing Pokémon games for a while. When I asked why, I felt the seriousness of friend A’s attitude towards Pokémon, so I focused on it.

First of all, because the Pokémon cartoons I saw on TV as a child were based on the first generation. It was said that all the elements of the Pokémon comics at the time, such as the world view, the character’s personality, the design and the story, were fresh and fun all the while watching it. However, friend A said he rarely watched the next generation manga. When I asked why, most of the content in the series didn’t differ much from the original, so the next story was planned and he said it wasn’t new. Of course, the details behind the flow of the story vary from series to series, but the context of the story the manga is based on is ultimately the same.

As a result, no matter how much he likes Pokemon, he gets tired of seeing the same repertoire over and over and feels that the freshness he felt during the first generation is gradually disappearing. In the end, generations other than the first generation could not shake off the feeling that it was a derivative work of the first generation. This thought continued throughout the game and he said he hasn’t done much in the series since the first generation games.

▲ Representative Generation I Pokemon Design (Source: Pokemon GO)

▲ Designs that become difficult to identify types (Source: Pokemon GO)

The second reason is that Pokemon designs are getting more and more boring. In particular, he stated that from the fifth generation onwards, the unique design of “Pokemon” seems to fade. If you look at the previous Generation I Pokémon, they have a clean design and reveal the nature of the Pokémon, so you can feel the features come to life. However, he said that as new titles are released gradually, the design becomes more complex to the extent that it’s difficult to predict what type it is just by looking at the look.

After all, even with numerous titles, it seems that the original is unbeatable. Especially since he is an artist friend, he has shown a lot of attention to Pokemon design. And it was easy to understand why I was speaking in a similar rank to mine. I also like Pokemon, but the main reason I only have one remake version of the title after Generation 4 is the unknown Pokemon design. Probably, most people with similar thoughts to me call the first generation fundamental and think that’s why they can’t adapt to the new titles.

■ One original first generation spoon, one remake spoon

▲ Numerous titles caught in his radar

When it comes to “Pokemon”, you can’t miss this guy. Reporter B from the IT team who have played the most Pokemon titles I know. He has placed Omega Ruby, 3rd Generation Sapphire and Emerald 4th Generation PT, which is a remake of 1st Generation Blue, Silver and 3rd Generation Ruby, on the highest S level.

The blue title is my favorite of the first generation titles, and when the third generation sapphire and omega ruby ​​were released, it was said to be the time I worked the most on Pokemon. In particular, he said that the 4th generation did not have access to other 4th generation titles because he first met PT, which they consider to be a masterpiece. It has a Let’s Go Eevee Edition switch, but the title is entered in C and asked why.

The Let’s Go series is a remake of the first generation titles. As a result, the system used in Generation I has been brought back as is, and the combat system and individual values ​​of Pokémon have been greatly simplified. Journalist B, who likes the battle system, said these parts of the Let’s Go series were pretty disappointing.

▲ The 4th generation remake preview video is creepy in a different way
(Source: Official Pokémon YouTube)

As a reporter B who has covered almost every title from Generation I to the most recently released Legend Arceus, the credibility of the titles he personally selected for the S level has also increased. Also, there are titles that I have never seen before, which made me want to play it later. Looking at the rankings, you can see that the relatively recently released titles are listed below. It’s probably because most of the newer titles don’t have the battle system. As a new “Terrace” battle system is added to this ninth generation, I can’t wait to see what kind of reviews it will receive from the Battler B reporter.

■ There’s a reason it’s getting a lot of rave reviews

▲ Only masterpieces

Friend C has played fewer titles than previously introduced, but it can be said that he has only played the best players. Among the 4th generation titles released in Korean for the first time in Korea, 5th generation White, praised by many users for its PT and history, has been selected as an S level.The fourth generation of Pokemon is a work to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Pokemon series, and has been very popular not only in Korea but also overseas to the extent that it can be said to be the best time of the Pokemon series. Friend C was also one of the influx of users at the time.

When I first met PT, I thought it wouldn’t change much since it was an extended version of Dialga and Palkia, but he said he fell in love with the inverted world of the legendary Pokemon “Giratina” from the PT title. Also, the DP reported that the “surfing” vision technology was almost at the level of walking, but was improved in the PT, so it seemed to take care of a lot in terms of practicality.

▲ The villain ‘N’, often criticized for not being the true protagonist of the 5th generation (Source: Pokemon Official YouTube)

The fifth generation White also chose friend C as the factor that appreciated the story the most. He said the ideology and story of the fifth generation main villain and rival “N” were attractive. He was a villain I couldn’t hate, and I personally liked the story that was deeper than before.

The title chosen by friend C was a title that would definitely fit the ranking if you ask 20-year-old users who have been playing Pokemon for a while. There seems to be a reason why so many people recommend it as a masterpiece. As such, the titles that people consider to be masterpieces vary according to people’s tastes. A variety of titles have been selected, from the original first generation to the third generation remake. What they have in common is that the titles they loved playing at the time seem to be more memorable than the recently released titles.

▲ Ninth Generation Pokemon “Seaguda” revealed (Source: Pokemon Official YouTube)

In November, the 9th generation title will be released for the first time in three years. Notably, given that Generation 9 is the first in the series to take place in an open world, it looks like you’ll be able to enjoy the adventure on the biggest stage of all the titles. And recently, “Sea Gda”, reminiscent of the first generation Pokemon “Digda” familiar to Pokemon users, appeared again, raising expectations even more. Also, as various elements such as raid battles and multiplayer have been added recently, it is expected how many users this 9th generation can target.

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