“Latin America’s Highest and Fastest Roller Coaster to be Built in Bogota’s Salitre Magico Park”




May 19, 2023 12:08 p.m. m.

Bogota will have one of the most important attractions in Latin America in the segment of entertainment and fun. The highest and fastest roller coaster in all of Latin America will be built in the capital of the country, which will be located in the Salitre Mágico park.

According to the characteristics of the project, it will be magnetically propelled with a maximum speed of 100 km/h, and it will be 263 meters long. In addition, it will have an investment of more than $50,000 million.

(Magic Saltpeter gambles for a new attraction to grow).

The company in charge of carrying out this task will be Premier Rides, one of the world’s leading companies with extensive experience in roller coasters. This project aims to serve about 600 people per hour. Within your design, the roller coaster will have an inverted turn at its highest part of 47.5 meters high.

(Magic Saltpeter invests in attractions).

The project began in May 2023. Also, the number of visitors to the park is expected to increase by 15%. The construction would be delivered in August of this year, according to information provided to EL TIEMPO by Néstor Bermúdez, general director of magic saltpeter.

Attractions of this caliber can only be found in ten cities worldwide, therefore, it will be one of the most important, bringing recognition not only to the amusement park but also to the Colombian capital.


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2023-05-19 17:08:26

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