Latin America Amateur Championship: good wind for the Argentines, with everyone in the race for the weekend

The second round of Latin America Amateur Championship It was once again a great day for the Argentines in the Dominican Republic. Are four the national golfers who finished in the top 10, but the news is that all eight were able to make the cut and they will be competing on Saturday and Sunday at the wonderful Dientes de Perro golf course, in La Romana, in search of the dreams of the Augusta Masters and the British Open. In addition, the beautiful peculiarity that occurs among some of the participants who are in the top positions until this stage of the tournament: the important camaraderie and friendship.

Second Olive Pinto continues as the best of the Argentines in terms of positions. Although he did not have an easy day in which he tied at 72 strokes, he is second and continues with 6 under par. After his day he spoke with THE NATION and left his feelings: “It was a complicated morning, I woke up tired, anyway I knew it was not going to be the same as yesterday.” Despite not having a great start, he knew how to settle down during the lap and is already looking forward to what is to come: “I knew I had to start being more patient, row, fight to straighten it out and I did it in the end. My strategy for the weekend will be to attack, be aggressive and get the best results for Sunday”, expressed the Cordovan.

Abel Gallegos He presents himself as the defending champion, but he takes the pressure off of that: “It makes me very happy, but the winner of the last LAAC is out; inside the field I am one more, and I have to prove it”. After finishing his second round in third place and being 5 under par, he told THE NATION how he improved from the first lap (-2) to this Friday: “Yesterday I didn’t hit very well and closed a good lap, today I came earlier, I came with a good feeling and I looked solid in all the shots. It was a good lap and it’s always nice to finish under par. The May 25 will have the opportunity to play on Saturday and Sunday.

Silent, Vicente Marzilio settled down again with great chances to be the protagonist this weekend. At 1-under this Friday, but 5-under in total upon leaving the field, he spoke with THE NATION and he remarked that his second round was better than the first and he is preparing for the weekend: “Today was more important than yesterday, because I started badly on the first hole and the slap at the entrance was hard. Luckily I was patient throughout the round and at one point I started to play very well, I ended up with under par and it leaves me with chances for the weekend”. And he added: “The objective is to reach the last nine holes with a chance of reaching the final, and days like today show me that I can. Now I will go and look for him patiently.”

The Argentine Vicente Marzilio finished third together with Abel Gallegos after the second round of the LAAC 2022Enrique Berardi / LAAC

The last to arrive from the national golfers was Mateo Fernández de Oliveira. After his tie at 72 strokes and remaining at 3 under par, he spoke with THE NATION about a day that started very well, but ended up being negative towards the end: “It was a round in two different stages, from hole 1 to 12 it was incredible, but from then on I accelerated, I didn’t control myself, it played a bad passed and it wasn’t what I expected, all the same I’m in a good position for the weekend and I feel very comfortable about what’s left”.

Andy Schönbaum, last winner of the Argentine Amateur Championship, also got into the cut. Although he knows he didn’t play well, he has expectations for the weekend: “I’m playing well, but I’m missing a few shots. Mistakes are part of learning, both mental and technical. It’s not good to play badly but you have to cool down and get the good out. Over the weekend I’ll have to get a little closer,” he said. It is worth noting that all the Argentines passed the cut and will also be disputing the trophy Aram Yenidjeian (-1), Manuel Lozada (+3) and Juan Martín Loureiro (+6).

who finally remained as pointer after the second round of the LAAC was Julian Perico. The Peruvian golfer had a great day and after two rounds he leads with 9 under par, but when he started talking about his shots, he was immediately inclined to refer the importance of friendships in golf and tournament and he referred to Abel Gallegos, one of his rivals with whom he played in the first and second rounds: “Playing with Abel is incredible, he is such a humble person, so happy. I hope I can play with him tomorrow because he is an incredible person and we had a great time and it reflects what amateur golf is, we try to have fun”. He also expressed: “We all play for a dream, but if we don’t have fun, it’s not good.”

The Peruvian golfer Julian Perico was the one who finished in the first position of the LAAC after the second round
The Peruvian golfer Julian Perico was the one who finished in the first position of the LAAC after the second roundEnrique Berardi / LAAC

After chatting with several media outlets, Julián Perico saw when another Argentine arrived to deliver his cards. With a brotherly hug, he greeted with Segundo Oliva Pinto. Both are fellows at the University of Arkansas and they even agreed to go to lunch together and then to the beach. The Argentine also made reference to the importance of friendship and transmitted it to THE NATION: “It’s very nice to play with friends, I get along very well with everyone, they are things that take pressure off you, chats with them is something that becomes fun and competitive at the same time.”

The hug between Segundo Oliva Pinto, from Argentina, and Julián Perico, from Peru.  Both are friends and teammates at the University of Arkansas, in the United States.
The hug between Segundo Oliva Pinto, from Argentina, and Julián Perico, from Peru. Both are friends and teammates at the University of Arkansas, in the United States.Capture

But group of university friends in the United States closes with the Colombian Juan Camilo Vesga, who in 14th place will also seek the title, and the Argentines Lozada and Fernández de Oliveira and it was the latter who expressed how nice it is to play against friends: “We are a group that we get along very well, we have known each other for a long time and we share many things together and everything is much more fun, trips with the team are entertaining”. He also shared how important it is in terms of the game: “We all have a level of golf where we can help each other with the weak parts of the other’s game and this makes us stronger”. Also, a few days ago he told THE NATION that Abel Gallegos has been a friend of his for many years.

Mateo Fernandez de Oliveira and Abel Gallegos, two Argentine golfers who are united by a great friendship
Mateo Fernandez de Oliveira and Abel Gallegos, two Argentine golfers who are united by a great friendshipEnrique Berardi / LAAC

For Vicente Marzilio too camaraderie plays squarely on trust: “It feels very good, it is very comfortable, when it comes to walking with them, chatting, it is very good. Everyone is in their own world, but when you need to disconnect a bit between shots, chatting with friends is relaxing so I can concentrate”. The truth is that, in addition to the competition, everything is between friends.

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