Latest Updates on the Lynn Talib Case: First Session with Investigating Judge Samaranda Nassar Scheduled for Thursday

Latest Updates on the Lynn Talib Case: First Session with Investigating Judge Samaranda Nassar Scheduled for Thursday

After the attorney general of appeal in the North, Judge Matilda Touma, claimed the child Lynn Talib’s maternal grandfather, and her mother, in the file of assaulting her and causing intentional harm, and covering up the crime in relation to the latter, the Lebanese are awaiting on Thursday the date of the first session with the first investigative judge in the North, Samaranda Nassar.

Allegations, accusations, and demands to take the right of the child Lin, who died as a result of her repeated rape, while the circle of suspicions began to narrow more, in light of information about continuous pressures to obscure the truth.

Does the Lynn case constitute a new turning point in the course of cases that are waiting to be concluded with the punishment of criminals and the achievement of justice? What awaits us on Thursday?

Lawyer Khaldoun Taleb (informed and following the case) explains that “in criminal cases, when the Public Prosecution ends its investigations, it issues a decision to detain the person pending investigation, and it is called precautionary detention to serve the investigation. After the Public Prosecution refers the file to the investigating judge, the latter appoints a session to hear the plaintiff, the defendant, and the suspects, whether they are arrested or not.”

He points out that “after the completion of the investigations, the investigating judge may issue an arrest warrant against the detainees. But if some matters remain unclear and pending, or there is a need for other witnesses or more DNA tests, we may need more time to listen to more people to determine the crime.”

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The first session in the #Lynn_Talib case is scheduled to take place on Thursday with the investigating judge, Samaranda Nassar, to hear the defendant, who may request a confrontation session between the two parties if the information is contradictory between the two parties, and “based on the data of the file and the available evidence, the first investigating judge may issue an arrest warrant out of suspicion. An arrest warrant is expected to be issued against the grandfather and mother of the child, and justifies this conclusion that if the Public Prosecution did not have Confirming data why they were arrested, especially since the arrest decision came 20 days after the incident, that is, after collecting evidence and listening to the two families.”

Regarding the results of the DNA tests previously conducted for some family members, Talib says, “We did not know the results, and they are confidential information to serve the investigation for fear of leaking any information that might harm the investigation. The judge may order new samples to be taken, as everything is contained in this case.”

As for the punishment for this crime, Taleb stresses that “this crime is considered a felony, especially as it assaults a child under the age of five. Therefore, the crime of assaulting a child has a penalty of no less than 15 years with hard labor for the perpetrator and the accomplice, participant, or instigator. It is important to know that the concealer is considered an accomplice to the crime, and his punishment is similar to that of the perpetrator.”

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He added, “When the investigating judge completes his investigations, he issues an indictment, and the accused is transferred to the Public Prosecution, which in turn transfers him to the Indictment Division, which is considered higher in rank than the investigating judge, which issues an indictment that transfers it to the criminal court.”

Accordingly, Judge Samaranda Nassar will work to complete the investigations before issuing her indictment in preparation for the Indictment Division to issue its decision, while the Criminal Court will hold sessions before issuing its final decision in the case.

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