Latest Research, Detected Corona Virus Infects Human Brain

KALTENGPOS.CO – The findings of researchers in this world make me feel hearty. From the research results, the corona virus was detected to infect the human brain. There is evidence presented. All research results are published by bioRxiv.

In his findings, covid-19 can directly infect brain cells called neurons.

Professor of Neurology and Ophthalmology, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Maria Nagel, said she discovered that viruses can enter neurons. Entry is via the ACE2 receptor, a protein on the cell surface that the virus uses to enter cells and trigger infection.

They then used an electron microscope, which uses beams of charged particles to illuminate tissue, to peer inside infected cells.

Not only that. Scientists can see Corona Virus particles budding in cells. The Corona virus has finally been linked to various forms of brain damage.

These range from deadly inflammation to brain disease known as encephalopathy that causes hallucinations.

“We are looking for more patient networks to find out how often such brain infections occur. What symptoms correlate with infection in which area of ​​the brain, ”said Immunologist Akiko Iwasaki from Yale University, as quoted from the Live Science page, Wednesday (16/09/2020).


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