Latest Pertalite and Pertamax Prices at gas stations throughout Indonesia, 23 May 2022


Price of Pertalite and Pertamax today it seems that there has not been an increase in all Pertamina gas stations throughout Indonesia. Fuel prices seem stable and have not changed much.

The following is the latest Pertalite and Pertamax fuel prices.

For Pertamax price in all Public Fuel Filling Stations (SPBU) varies depending on the region. Meanwhile, the price for Pertalite at all gas stations is the same, which is IDR 7,650.

As for the fuel price adjustment, which is carried out every time, Pertamina is carried out in order to implement the Ministerial Decree (Kepmen) of ESDM No. 62 K/12/MEM/2020 concerning Basic Price Formula in Calculation of Retail Sales Prices for General Fuel Oil Types of Gasoline and Diesel Oil Channeled Through Public Fuel Filling Stations.

Pertamax fuel price list throughout Indonesia:

Prov. Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Rp 12,500

Prov. North Sumatra Rp 12,750

Prov. West Sumatra RP 12.750

Prov. Riau IDR 13,000

Prov. Riau Islands IDR 13,000

Batam Municipality (FTZ) IDR 13,000

Prov. Jambi Rp 12,750

Prov. Bengkulu IDR 13,000

Prov. South Sumatra Rp 12,750

Prov. Bangka-Belitung Rp 12,750

Prov. Lampung Rp 12,750

Prov. DKI Jakarta Rp 12,500

Prov. Banten Rp 12,500

Prov. West Java Rp 12,500

Prov. Central Java Rp 12,500

Prov. DI Yogyakarta Rp 12,500

Prov. East Java Rp 12,500

Prov. West Kalimantan Rp 12,750

Prov. Central Kalimantan Rp 12,750

Prov. Bali Rp 12,500

Prov. West Nusa Tenggara IDR 12,500

Prov. East Nusa Tenggara IDR 12,500

Prov. South Kalimantan Rp 12,750

Prov. East Kalimantan Rp 12,750

Prov. North Kalimantan Rp 12,750

Prov. North Sulawesi Rp 12,750

Prov. Gorontalo Rp. 12,750

Prov. Central Sulawesi Rp 12,750

Prov. Southeast Sulawesi Rp 12,750

Prov. South Sulawesi Rp 12,750

Prov. West Sulawesi Rp 12,750

Prov. Maluku Rp 12,750

Prov. North Maluku Rp 12,750

Prov. Papuan Rp 12,750

Prov. West Papua RP 12,750

Such is the list Pertalite and Pertamax prices today at all Pertamina gas stations throughout Indonesia.

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