Latest News Updates: Interim Government in Niger, Drone Attack in Moscow, Clan Liability Debate, Forest Fires in Greece, Israeli Protests, Dortmund’s Victory, and Weather Forecast

Junta plans interim government for Niger

After the military coup in Niger, the new ruler, General Tiani, wants to set up an interim government. She should not remain in office for more than three years, Tiani said in a television speech. A few hours earlier, he had met for the first time with a delegation from the West African community of states, ECOWAS. The envoys also met with the ousted President Bazoum. According to Ecowas, it is ready for military intervention if the putschists in Niger do not restore constitutional order. | 08/20/2023 06:25 am

Moscow reports repelled drone attack

According to official information, the Russian capital Moscow has repelled another Ukrainian drone attack. Mayor Sobyanin announced this without giving any details. Another drone hit the train station in the western Russian city of Kursk during the night. Five people are said to have been injured. Yesterday, a Russian airstrike on the center of the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv killed seven people and wounded 144. President Zelenskyj then literally announced a clear answer. | 08/20/2023 06:25 am

Buschmann: No clan liability in the fight against clan crime

In the fight against clan crime, Minister of Justice Buschmann has warned against clan imprisonment. It shouldn’t be the case that an innocent person is sanctioned just because a relative may have committed a crime, the FDP politician told the newspapers of the Funke media group. It is about a push from the house of Interior Minister Faeser to make it easier to deport criminal clan members without a German passport. However, Faeser had emphasized that it was not about family relationships, but about criminal activity. | 08/20/2023 06:25 am

New forest fires in Greece

New forest and bush fires have broken out in Greece. Residents of eight towns near the port city of Alexandroupolis in the north-east of the country had to leave their homes. Citizens of other villages were called by emergency SMS to be ready for an evacuation. The nearby freeway had to be closed due to heavy smoke. The Greek civil defense warned of a further increase in the risk of forest fires. | 08/20/2023 06:25 am

Again anti-government protests in Israel

Tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated in Tel Aviv against the policies of the right-wing government of Netanyahu. The focus was on maintaining women’s rights. In recent weeks, reports of attempts to restrict women in public spaces in Israel have accumulated. According to media reports, for example, in the city of Ashdod, a bus driver directed a group of teenage girls to the back of a bus and gave them blankets to cover themselves. | 08/20/2023 06:25 am

Football: Dortmund wins the evening game

In the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund won the evening game. The runners-up defeated Cologne 1-0. VFL Wolfsburg had previously won their season-opening game. Lower Saxony won against newly promoted Heidenheim 2-0. Also played: Leverkusen – Leipzig 3: 2, Stuttgart – Bochum 5: 0, Augsburg – Mönchengladbach 4: 4, Hoffenheim – Freiburg 1: 2. The following played in the second division: Hamburger SV – Hertha BSC 3:0, Rostock – Hanover 1:2, Greuther Fürth – St. Pauli 0:0, Düsseldorf – Paderborn 1:2.| 08/20/2023 06:25 am

The weather

A few showers possible on the North Sea and in the Harz Mountains, otherwise mostly dry. Highs of 21 degrees on Amrum to 29 degrees in Göttingen. Cloudy in the morning, partly denser clouds to the north, mostly dry. 21 to 28 degrees. Often clear on Tuesday, showers in the coastal area, thunderstorms possible locally. 21 to 28 degrees. On Wednesday longer sunny periods, rarely showers. 20 to 28 degrees. | 08/20/2023 06:25 am

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