Latest News: MEP Marie Toussaint announces candidacy for European elections & Fires in Canada spread to New York


Marie Toussaint: “I have the honor of being a candidate to bring the environmental proposals to the European elections of 2024”. MEP Marie Toussaint announces to “Liberation” her candidacy to lead the EE-LV list during the European elections of 2024. Refuting the need for a single list on the left, she assumes her European federalism and makes “fight for another economy the mother of all battles”. Our interview.

Secu: the National Assembly rejects the 2022 accounts, a new accident for the macronists. After the State accounts for 2021 and 2022, the National Assembly rejected on Tuesday evening those of Social Security for 2022 due to a coalition of oppositions, a vote which will however have no great practical consequence. By 134 votes against 115, the deputies refused to give “quitus” to the government for the execution of this budget. The right-wing dominated Senate must now decide.

Fires in Canada: New York sets in thick fog. The orange veil enveloping several major Canadian cities has spread over hundreds of kilometers, crossing the border with the United States and in particular as far as New York. The famous «skyline» of Manhattan was thus difficult to observe, with an equally mediocre air quality. “If you are a New Yorker with heart or respiratory problems, be careful when you are outdoors,” said the mayor of new york on tuesday night.

Françoise Gilot, French painter, writer and Picasso’s “muse”, died at 101. French painter and writer Françoise Gilot died on Tuesday June 6 in a Manhattan hospital. She was 101 years old. She is often described as the “muse” of the painter Picasso, whose companion she was between 1944 and 1953. According to the New York Times, whose death was confirmed by Aurélia Engel, daughter of Françoise Gilot, the latter had recently suffered from “heart and lung diseases”.

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Roland-Garros: Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz meet in half. The Serbian third in the world and the Spanish number one respectively got rid of Karen Khachanov (11th) and Stefanos Tsitsipas (5th) to join the last four. They will face each other on Friday for a place in the final. Our article.

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Budget of the armies: the deputies decide on an envelope of 413 billion over seven years. Some 413 billion over seven years: despite critics denouncing “announcement effects” and postponements of deliveries of equipment, the government has good hopes of having the Assembly adopt its text on Wednesday, in first reading in the afternoon, to “prepare” et “modernize” The army. Despite an Assembly tense over the issue of pensions, a rejection of the text seems unlikely.

Trial of a journalist from “Liberation”. As he followed for the media Reporterre voluntary mowers, the correspondent of Release in Aveyron is judged this Wednesday from 2 p.m. in Rodez “as if he were one” mowers, explains Reporterre in a statement.

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Dam in Kherson: “Last night I was awakened by explosions, it was after I saw the water”. In Kherson, on the north bank of the Dnieper, residents are reluctant to leave until their homes are flooded. Opposite, the area occupied by the Russians suffered more damage. Our report.

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Heat: Paris wants to play it like Sevilla. The sun is likely to hit hard on the zinc roofs of the capital again this summer. After the furnace of 2022, the town hall of Paris anticipates a hot and dry summer season in 2023. “More access to water, more shade, more freshness”, will be the triptych of the coming months, as part of the “Paris adapts” plan, which was presented on Tuesday. Read Margaux Lacroux’s analysis.

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STMicroelectronics in Grenoble: billions for electronic chips that pump water. The extension of the Isère factory of the industrialist STMicroelectronics, made possible by colossal funding from the State, has raised the fears of environmentalists and local elected officials. The site is a very large consumer of water, which had not been anticipated. To understand everything.

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In Brazil, the survival of indigenous peoples and the environment is in danger. A bill risks considerably restricting the rights of indigenous peoples to their ancestral territories, warns the Solidarity Brazil coalition, which is asking the Brazilian government not to prioritize economic interests over human and environmental rights. Our podium.

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Death of Astrud Gilberto, eternal voice of the daughter of Ipanema. The singer, who was the companion of João Gilberto, recorded in English the voice of “The Girl from Ipanema”, contributing to the worldwide success of this piece of bossa-nova. She died at age 83. Our article.

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Benjamin Védrines, by mountains and by wishes. Ultra-fast, the 30-year-old mountaineer multiplies performance. He left in May for the Nanga Parbat. Our profile.

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