Latest house 2 news for today November 15, 2022

Latest news and rumors house 2 for today 15 November 2022:

  1. Kristina Bukhynbalte and Ivan Barzikov quarreled immediately after the fake wedding held in the clearing. The reason was Barzikov’s conflict over his divorce from Margarita Kuksenko, which he hid. Barzikov even left Lobnoye Mesto. Did Vanya and Chris sit on their favorite swing? Quarrels and violent reconciliations again?
  2. The reason for the separation of Ekaterina Gorina and Kirill Arkhipov was revealed – a discrepancy in intimate terms. Katya hopes that Arkhipov and Gordeeva will become a harmonious couple in this sense.
  3. Artem Grant left the perimeter for a week in Poland to further his music career. I wonder if Grant will return to the glade with a new passion?
  4. Anton Teterev went home with Marina Gubina for a few days, as he claims online. Did the creators of House 2 like this couple, even in the absence of Natalia Bezverkhova?
  5. Iosif Oganesyan, who has not yet improved relations with his wife Sasha Cherno, upsets his parents with this. Maybe the older generation of the Hovhannisyan family will also go to the clearing?
  6. Artem Prokhorenko has already announced the casting of girls for the project for himself, confirming the rumors of his breakup with Maria Sailova.
  7. Zakhar Salenko will not return to Dom 2, put on new veneers and move to the center of the capital. Did you find another way to earn Salenko?
  8. Latest news about house 2 from for today 11/15/2022 – the Dmitrenko family is completing vacation in Turkey, where they stayed for a whole month.

    Olga Rapunzel promises to return, already to buy an apartment.
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