Latest house 2 news for today 19 September 2022

Latest news and house 2 rumors for today 19 September 2022:

  1. Christina Bukhynbalte has confirmed that she dreams of becoming the host of House 2, but in two months she will go to Italy. Will Chris be able to make his dream come true?
  2. Karina Belova is outraged by the privileges Openchenko received during the finals of the Queen of the House 2 contest, and intends to leave the project, where she was not appreciated. The network believes Karina was counting on a gastric bypass operation, but there were no surgeons willing to do it by barter.
  3. The winner of the “Queen of the House 2” competition Alena Openchenko decided, due to the scandal organized by Karina Belova, not to give the plump one the won certificate and to use the services of cosmetologists herself.
  4. Artem Grant does not take responsibility for Claudia Bezverkhova’s son, because the child has a father. Proud of this decision of Grant Claudius Bezverkhov, because now Artyom does not need to spend money on a child.
  5. Alexey Bezus, having completed the transformation of his apartment, returns to House 2 to end relations with Ekaterina Gorina and has declared himself lonely on social media.
  6. Ksenia Borodina has returned from her trip to Europe and is preparing for the next shoot on TNT. It is not yet known if she will return to the project, although the photo of her with the inscription: “House 2-goodbye” is already in the public official.
  7. Anna Levchenko said that without Valery Blumenkrants, her eyes stopped twitching, she was making big plans for the future and she would take her son David to kindergarten.
  8. Latest news about house 2 from for today 09/19/2022 – Ivan Barzikov, in the company of Ksenia Orlova and Anton Sannikov, went to the premiere of the film in which Anton was shot.

    Did another artist appear among the House 2 attendees?
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