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You get niggles, but you’re essentially right.

With a title like this; a “serious” bug you expect something with real consequences, like the whole console crashing; possible security issues; data corruption in system files; etc. Something in that order of magnitude.

But no; it’s just the game that stops responding when you get hit in a certain state; and force you to reset and reload your save and try the level again. And that will be game-breaking also mentioned.

Boys, boys; game-breaking you only mention it when a game mechanism doesn’t work at all as it should in circumstances and you get completely stuck — and then you talk about progression-halting in such a case — or if a bug can manifest itself at any time to permanently kill something in your save game and make it unplayable.

The issue with Elder Scrolls game saves growing too large on PS3 causing game state to become unstable; and you always end up of got stuck due to the unstable game state; of the save just wouldn’t load Which is a game breaking bug.

This; this is just an animation lock bug. Newsflash Tweaker’s editors: this is a dime a dozen issue. For example, I regularly have them in Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Odyssey on PS4. Also had it in Final Fantasy XV. and once or twice in God of War too. And for a 100% reproducible version, there has been one in DBZ for quite some time: Kakarot. On all platforms.

World news; really “serious.”

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