Last year, the consumption of mobile Internet and the number of calls in the mobile network increased

Last year, in the mobile network, on average, one user consumed 23 GB of Internet per month, arranged 4 hours and 16 minutes and sent 11% less text messages, according to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) data.

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The number of electronic communications operators in Latvia continues to decline. However, the largest operators are still SIA “Latvian Mobile Phone“, BE “Tele2“, BE “Bite Latvia“a SIA”Tet“, which accounts for 80% of the market share. The total revenue of services provided by 245 operators amounted to 521 million euros.

Revenue from Internet use increased by 2.6%, while revenue from television services increased by 3.7%.

With the increase in teleworking and training, the number of users using the Internet on their mobile devices has increased by 5.2%, while the number of users using the fixed Internet has decreased by 1%. At the same time still “LMT“takes the leading position, providing 43.3% of the total number of mobile connections in Latvia, followed by SIA” Tele2 “with 33.3% connections and SIA” Bite Latvija “- 23.4%.

The user consumed an average of 23 GB of Internet per month last year, which is 5GB more than in 2019. At the same time, the number of users who use the Internet on a computer or tablet using a mobile Internet router has increased by 21.6%.

The number of call minutes in the mobile network increased by 11% last year, but the number of text messages decreased by 18%. During the emergency situation, more active communication took place between domestic users (in the territory of Latvia), which explains the increase in the number of call minutes. Meanwhile, the number of international calls on the mobile network has decreased by 4%. The number of text messages has decreased as users increasingly use other forms of communication, such as “WhatsApp“, “Telegram“, “Skype“,” Zoom “uc

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Voice telephony service in the fixed network in Latvia is provided by 48 companies. Stable market leader – SIA “Tet” voice telephony service is provided by 44% of users, while SIA “Latvijas Mobilais Telefons” – 20% of users and SIA “Baltcom“- 3%. In turn, the Internet service SIA” Tet “provides 54% of users, but SIA” Baltcom “and SIA” Balticom “together provide 27%, while 19% – other merchants.

In contrast to previous years, the number of minutes of international calls in the fixed network has increased, while in the country it has decreased by 12%. In the fixed network, the user has agreed on an average of 59 minutes per month.

Last year, the number of Internet connections with a connection speed of over 400 Mbit / s increased by 37%.

Users are increasingly choosing to watch TV on a television distribution platform – “Go3”, “Shortcut”, etc. Accordingly, the number of users using terrestrial television has decreased by 16%, while the number of cable TV users has decreased by 8%.

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