Last year, Latvians bought the most Apple shares in the US stock market – Branches – Financenet – TVNET

Private investors have also focused on shares of Virgin Galactic and Ford Motor, which rank second and third in terms of popularity, respectively.

The stock trading platform “” offers Europeans direct access to the American stock market and is the only European broker listed on the Nasdaq.

The shares of the ten companies that were most bought by Latvian private investors in 2021 were Apple, Virgin Galactic, Ford Motor, Tesla, Pfizer, Palantir Technologies, PayPal, AMD, Roku and Coca-Cola.

In turn, most Latvians have sold Activision Blizzard, Spirit AeroSystems, Apple, Ford Motor, Salesforce, Pfizer, Bed Bath & Beyond, Meta Platforms, Virgin Galactic and Shares in Inovio Pharmaceuticals.

Estonian investors, similarly to Latvia, have bought the most Apple shares. It is followed by shares of Ebang International, Tesla, Pfizer, Virgin Galactic, AT&T, Ford Motor, Activision Blizzard, American Well Corp and Meta Platforms. The top 10 best-selling stocks in Estonia were Virgin Galactic, Barrick Gold, Moderna, Apple, Cisco, Energy Transfer, Intel, EDG Resources, Boston Scientific and Celsius Holdings. .

Maxim Manturov, head of investment research at Freedom Finance Europe, explains that 2021 was the second year that people spent a lot of time at home due to the limitations of Covid-19. Most of the staff worked remotely and were financially supported by US and European governments through various support mechanisms. Many were also able to save by building up financial reserves during this time, leading to an unprecedented increase in the number of private investors in the stock market.

Manturov points out that new investors often lack a strong theoretical base, so they primarily buy shares of companies that are in the spotlight.

The shares are most often sold in two cases – when the company fails and investor confidence decreases, as well as the value of the shares increases, which allows to make a profit in the short term. In the first case, the example is Virgin Galactic, which postponed the launch of private spaceflight due to spacecraft failures. In the second – the company “Apple”, whose share value in 2021 increased by as much as 40%. is a stock, securities, exchange traded trading platform available for both online and mobile apps for Android and iOS users. The platform was developed by Freedom Finance Europe Ltd., the parent company of which is the only Nasdaq-listed European broker. The company has offices in the United States, Germany, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Spain and France. The platform has more than 400,000 customers, including around 140,000 in Europe, who have entrusted more than half a billion US dollars in assets.

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