Last year it was a “case”. Now it can be said out loud, so Crow flies to the World Championships for gold again

“There was a cause last year. But I always say that the goal is to be clear and you have to go there with it. The steps are gradual, but the head must be set from the beginning. If you ask the other twenty boys next to me, they will say it. themselves, “says the 26-year-old striker.

He was standing at the airport, cameras and dictaphones of journalists were aimed at him, because on Wednesday morning he officially (as well as a few other reinforcements from the NHL) joined the national team with which the hockey sniper went to the Swedish Games, the last general before the championship in Finland. And although the nomination has not yet been officially confirmed, his championship is hard to miss. “I’m really excited to be here. I have the greatest taste. Really like,” he told reporters. “And I’m glad I can help the team.”

He has had a very thorny and painful season. He was injured in the summer during Detroit’s first preparatory training, followed by shoulder surgery, with which he worked for years, and then almost six months of rehabilitation. “It wasn’t a nice start, but that’s hockey, and I’ve come to terms with it. Of course, if it takes so long, some black thoughts will fall. But the doctors and everyone around him did a great job in Detroit. They kept me afloat, they helped me mentally and physically, and I got away with it, “he says.

Until almost mid-March, he just stared at his teammates from the stands, which consumed and trampled him. However, he scored right in the first match after his return when he overcame Karel Vejmelka in the goal of Arizona, with whom he now symbolically met in the national team. By the end of the season, he managed to accumulate 13 goals and six assists in 26 duels. And his Red Wings teammate Sam Gagner even praised him: “Jakub is a guy who can score a goal from almost nothing.”

The crow smiles. “It listens well. I turned the shooter away, so maybe I can score some goals. Even though I haven’t played for a long time, he was just looking at the boys, it was annoying and I was actually worried for a while if I really could. But I’m even more looking forward to the ice. “

Last year it happened between him and Pešán at the championship, the coach even wanted to cut his wings and leave him only in the stands with one sword. Now there’s another coach, Finn Kari Jalonen, who, in a similar spirit to Crow, spoke at his inauguration about going to the tournament in Tampere for gold. That there is simply no point in talking about another goal. “It’s good to hear that the coach is set up like this. That he’s been watching the tournament like this from the beginning,” says Vrána.

When you realize that he will only start his 27th match this season on Thursday against Sweden (beginning at 7 pm), he is only at the beginning of the NHL’s optics. So perhaps he will show “pleasure”, strength and shooting skills at the championship, which can again be said out loud to end in gold.

Karel Vejmelka’s dream season. Will Arizona’s goalkeeper be number one in the hockey team?Video:

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