Last of Us TV series: new details on where the storyline will go

While The Last of Us Part 2 has taken center stage in the media for several weeks, the TV series inspired by the Naughty Dog franchise continues to develop quietly on the side of HBO.

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In interview in the podcast Must Watch BBC screenwriter Craig Mazin, in charge of developing the project with Franchise Creative Director Neil Druckmann, shed more light on the direction the story will take on the small screen.

According to Mazin, to whom we also owe Chernobyl, the TV series inspired by Last of Us will take moments from the two games of the franchise, “reimagined”, to adapt them to a “different format”, but we will also inject new elements.

“If you’ve played the game, our intention is for you to watch the show and say, ‘This didn’t deny anything that I liked about the game or what I witnessed in the game, but it also gave me a lot more. Things that I didn’t know, really incredible things “”, he explained during the interview, transcribed in part by Eurogamer.

Among the new ideas that should be incorporated into the HBO series, Mazin mentioned in particular that a “breathtaking” scene, removed from the first Last of Us, may well find its way to the television adaptation of the franchise.

“We definitely have to do it. You won’t be able to stop me from doing it, you are going to have to shoot me, ”he said of that scene, with quite palpable excitement, thank you.

That said, no matter where the inspiration comes from, the writer was keen to make it clear that the series would focus more on in-depth character development, rather than superficial action sequences.

“For a while we tried to make a movie and I can understand why it didn’t work. The joys of a story like The Last of Usis its duration. It’s a journey, the long development of a relationship. We inherently understand that relationships built over a long period of time are more valuable and deserve even more to be defended. So it had to be this format, ”explained Mazin.

No release date has yet been specified for the series, which is in the scriptwriting stage.

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