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Last minute … Vice President Oktay flash statements: ‘What do you mean, brother, what are we doing?’

Vice President Fuat OktayDiscussed the agenda at the AA Editorial Desk:


We found that 98 percent of the problems were caused by the application, not the system.


With the dynamism of the Presidential Government System, economic attacks were completely overcome.

Balance and discipline were achieved in the economy in 2019, and a new revival period will begin in 2020.


They tore out a plan against a very different Turkey there ..


(Libya, Cyprus, what are you doing) I’m addressing those who ask. We are there to destroy the games played against us and to destroy them.

What do you mean, brother, what are we doing? We have games played against us at sea so we can’t throw our feet. We’re there to tear these. I think the public; I do not think that some can understand, but unfortunately we have seen in Parliament. I think we need to examine what is there, what our President means.

In an Eastern Mediterranean, we broke the game of imprisoning us with the agreement with two Libya. There is a map that Greece has recently brought up. They think that inside Turkey. We have followed these developments carefully.

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We have experienced this in history. They threatened us on both sides. At the Spring of Peace … The whole world stood before us.


Chance to be successful in the region without Turkey has never and never any plans. Whoever it is … Founded games against Turkey fails. There was a very interesting question, such as what do you intend to give to the Senate … So I don’t understand why we should give the Senate something? What do you intend to give to our parliament? The EU wanted to do the same thing about Cyprus. We said the same thing: “Don’t threaten us.”

On the one hand, while this happens on the other hand, in fact, both Russia and the United States and leaders; also in the UK, Germany, including the most comfortable viewing, Turkey is the most common opinion and the common denominator is our President. A few days later, Mr. Putin will be here.


A domestic car incident on December 27th. Our 100-year-old love. Deeply going to a very serious work, no work does not stop us. Starting with the revolution cars continued the process. An opportunity we missed with revolution vehicles, now we have caught up with electric and smart vehicles.

It didn’t make sense if we started with classical technology today, but with different technology, we enter the market with the right timing.

Those who object today will be the first to ride those vehicles tomorrow. We start with a minimum of 50-51 percent locality.

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You’ve seen them in revolution cars. Imagine the excitement that the whole nation experienced that day. When the revolution car came out, this nation experienced it.

Look at the revolution cars, “No, you can not,” he says. Says Defense Minister of the time. Same thing on the plane.

So it doesn’t matter who says what. Believe me, we can’t do anything.

I’m a bit from the automotive industry. As a friend of mine who worked in Detroit for a while, practicing my doctoral studies or something Ford Neither Ford is 100 percent native, nor is it 100 percent native in Japan. There is nowhere in the world. We have this target, 50 percent and above in the first place.

When you enter after 5 years get well. It didn’t make sense if we’d been out in a normal car. We wouldn’t be so excited because we produced automotive. But with a different technology, we are entering the market at the right time. That’s what excites us. What do we do if some people don’t understand, dear?

Think of TANAP. natural gas you receive from the Caspian via Turkey … We are opening the türkakım here. The energy corridor has come a long way.

Satellite projects are completely different. We’re launching in 2020. Preparing 5B.

There is no need to discuss our progress in the Defense Industry. We had the S400 crisis, we said the same thing: “Don’t threaten us”

What does the F-35 and the S-400 have to do with anything? Theft of technology from the F-35 does not end when Israel ends when playing Does technology in Turkey?

What you do with the F35 today has no legal basis. You need to be experienced enough to separate the issues from each other if you are a big state.


It’il impress us. He has whipped us very seriously about building our own warplane as soon as possible. Just like the UAVs and SIIIs. Turkey will combat aircraft; we will be doing both humanity and unmanned, as well as a feature of the F-35 or beyond. Sanctions will come, you can bring my brother. No political binding. Think smart ammunition. They weren’t giving them. Well then we said we did it ourselves. In 2019, we built our own engine.

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