Last minute! Storm and storm warning from Meteorology

Meteorology According to the latest estimates made by the General Directorate, it is seen that the high parts of the inner parts of the Eastern Black Sea snowfallIn the Marmara Region downpour precipitation will be effective.

Partly and very cloudy throughout the country, east of Marmara, Inner Aegean, inner parts of Western Mediterranean, Central Anatolia, Black Sea, East Anatolia and Mardin, Batman and Siirt circles, and some thunderstorms with rain and rain in the Eastern Black Sea. It is reported that the high parts of the sections are expected to be mixed with snow and rain. While it is expected that the precipitation will be strong in the Eastern Black Sea, it is stated that the wind is expected to blow strong in places on the Marmara and North Aegean coasts in the form of a storm (50-70 km / h) from north and northeast directions, from south and southwest directions to the east of Eastern Anatolia. On the other hand, it has been announced that it will decrease 4 to 8 degrees significantly in the inner and western parts.

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The General Directorate of Meteorology warned that Rize, Trabzon, Artvin, Gümüşhane and Bayburt circles and Giresun are expected to be strong in the inner parts (21-50 kg / m2) and to be careful and cautious against negativities such as flooding, landslides, transportation disruptions. He also stated that the wind should be cautious and cautious against the adverse conditions that can be expected to blow in the north and northeast directions in Marmara, from the south and southwest directions in the east of Eastern Anatolia, in places such as storms (50-70 km / h).



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