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LAST MINUTE! Parts of the body of the person who disappeared in Denizli 7 years ago were found in the water well – NEWS


Denizli Police Department Public Security Branch Murder Bureau teams, which launched an investigation into the disappearance of the advertiser Levent Karaduman, who was recently signaled on his mobile phone, on April 4, 2013, in the well located near the house of his aunt’s son Ali Osman S in Hadim District. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality started a search operation yesterday morning together with underwater search and rescue teams affiliated to the Fire Department.


After the teams that dumped some of the water in the well of about 16 meters deep with a motor pump found a men’s shoe, the body parts were detected in the sack in the examination made with an underwater camera.

In order to meet the water need of the neighborhood, it was decided to discharge the water in the well completely from the underwater search and rescue team from the underwater search and rescue team, which descended with a rope to the 120-centimeter well opened in 1960, due to water and gas in the well.

Due to the fact that the source of the well is strong, there is not much decrease in the water, and the side of the well was dug by means of the excavator brought from the Metropolitan Municipality, and it was tried to decrease the water from the channel opened.

As the well was deeper than expected and the water could not be drained, a large size drill pump was requested from the Metropolitan Municipality, which drains 25 liters of water per second.

WORKS lasted 17 hours

After the water in the well was completely emptied at midnight with the installed large size drilling pump, the specially dressed fish man placed the corpse pieces in the well where he descended by rope. The body parts were removed with the help of rope tied after 17 hours of work.

After an investigation by the prosecutor’s office, corpses and bones placed in the coffin were taken to the forensic institution morgue for an autopsy.

Karaduman’s relatives watched the search work started yesterday morning between tears.

It was also learned that Ali Osman S., who told his family that he had settled in Istanbul after Levent Karaduman, whom he worked with, disappeared and used Karaduman’s mobile phone for 7 months and issued and sold the car belonging to Karaduman’s father.

According to the report of AA; Ali Osman S was taken into custody and continues his operations at the Police Headquarters.

Ali Osman S.

Ali Osman S.


According to the report of the İHA, it was learned that the query continued in the courthouse where the cousin Ali Osman S., who was taken into custody about the incident, was dispatched after the police operations, while father Osman S. was detained in the morning. Investigation into the incident continues.


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