Last minute of the new variants, outbreaks and contagion data, live

The organizers argue that they defend “democracy, human rights and respect for the Constitution”, in a demonstration that they hope will gather hundreds of thousands of people.

In this way, a downward trend is observed at the end of the week, although the accumulated incidence at 14 days is still rising. Today it stands at 4,414 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, 146 points more than yesterday.

Yes, there has been a decrease in the Intensive Care Units, with 22 admitted, five less than yesterday. On the contrary, there is one more hospitalized patient, with a total of 219.

Likewise, 208 confined groups remain, while there are five educational centers totally closed, two less than on Friday.

Also, more than 7 million inhabitants – 83% of the population – have the complete vaccination schedule. In total, 16,590,644 doses of the vaccine have been administered in Andalusia.

Likewise, he was in favor of withdrawing the covid passport and was in favor of the declarations of the Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, to stop counting each of the cases of coronavirus from spring. “Right now, the pandemic is behaving much more benignly than on other occasions,” said Cervantes.

From now on, only the accompaniment of vulnerable patients will be allowed and it must always be the same person who goes to the health center with a validity, for the moment, of fifteen days.

The cumulative incidence in 14 days in the archipelago as a whole stands at 3,440 positives per 100,000 inhabitants and the positivity rate of the diagnostic tests carried out on the last day is 31.80%.

Regarding hospital pressure, there was a decrease both in patients on the ward and in the Intensive Care Units. In them there are 266 and 37 admitted respectively.

In addition, starting Tuesday, they will also be established in Valladolid for five days. People who have symptoms or suspicious signs of coronavirus will be able to go to these points.

On the contrary, several regions that do not count the positives detected at home – although the contrary was agreed in the Public Health commission of December 30 – such as Andalusia and Madrid.

Hospitalizations are 19,442 and patients in intensive care are 1,676, 31 less than on Friday. The positive rate has stood at 16.5%.

This Saturday there were 2,027 hospitalized, 17 less than the previous day, and 154 in intensive care, 8 less than this Friday.

In turn, the incidence also fell at 14 days, which is at 4,200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while the Rt transmission rate rose slightly, to 1.13.

Despite this, in the Intensive Care Units there was a decrease of 46 patients, with a total of 3,746.

In this way, he has criticized that “those who have left primary care without resources, who have made it possible for primary care to suffer the situation it is suffering not only in Andalusia, is the Government of Spain vetoing the amendments that gave more resources and also leaving, freezing and eliminating the covid funds that it transferred to the autonomous communities.”

In this way, they point out that the available vaccines offer 50% protection, which increases to 80% with the booster dose.

On the other hand, the WHO states that the omicron variant has already been detected in 171 countries around the planet.

The province of Teruel is the Aragonese province with the highest incidence, with 5,858 cases, ahead of Zaragoza, with 5,845. For its part, the incidence at 14 days in Huesca is 5,455.

Among those vaccinated, they also present symptoms compatible with those of a common cold or flu, such as dry cough, fatigue, congestion or runny nose.

In total there are 262,450 confined students (3.27% of the total) and 24,742 positive teachers (4.28% of the total)

Despite this, the Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, assures that the protocols are working in educational centers, since they are not “exporters” but “importers” of the virus.

The Department of Health reported 38,836 positives and 41 deaths, while hospital pressure decreased, with 2,641 admitted, 68 less than the previous day. However, there was an increase of nine patients in ICUs, with a total of 509 critically ill patients.

We recall that the Generalitat applies the ‘covid passport’ in Catalonia since the end of November and has maintained it for the time being, as well as the meeting limit, the closure of nightlife or the limited capacity in culture and restaurants.

In turn, thousands of people also demonstrated in Bilbao, summoned by the Bizitza platform, to denounce the use of the so-called ‘covid passport’.

In Europe, several cities such as Helsinki, London, Paris, Athens and Stockholm have welcomed the mobilizations against vaccine passports and other restrictions that governments have imposed to alleviate the effects of the pandemic.

The march, called by the international community World Wide Rally For Freedom, has staged the exhaustion of part of the population.

Good morning and welcome to La Vanguardia to a new day of monitoring all the news related to the coronavirus pandemic.

In this space we will inform you of the updated data of the different autonomous communities, of the vaccination campaign, of the different measures adopted…

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