Last minute: New era in real estate in 10 items

A new era begins for citizens who will buy, sell or lease houses, land and businesses, and real estate agents. The Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on Real Estate Trade was published in the Official Gazette. Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, with the amendment of the regulation on real estate trade, real estate Stating that they aim to increase the service quality in their activities, eliminate unfair competition and prevent informality, he stated that real estate activities cannot be carried out without a license and that businesses that do not have a certificate cannot become a member of the advertisement sites. Minister Pekcan, in his written statement, gave information about the regulation change and the system to be established.


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Here are the new era real estate regulations:

1) Stating that the transition period given to real estate businesses that are currently operating to obtain authorization certificates ended on 31 August 2020, Minister Pekcan stated that real estate activities cannot be carried out without authorization, and administrative sanctions will be imposed on those who do real estate without authorization.


2) Pekcan stated that even if more than one real estate business operated in a workplace before, only one of them was given an authorization certificate and pointed out that from now on, separate authorization certificates will be issued for all businesses operating in the same workplace. In this way, both the business and contractual business relationship of net data to be accessed on operating in this area documented of all actors both in the sector will be followed emphasizes Pekcan, as in the example of countries that have developed real estate market is educated to the real estate operations in Turkey, have the necessary competencies and work experience people reported that it will be carried out.

3) With the regulation made, the training requirement came for those working in the real estate sector. Minister Pekcan said, “From now on, in order to open a new real estate business, it is necessary to have at least 100 hours of training in real estate trading and at least 12 months or 6 months of real estate consultancy, depending on graduation. Those who do not have at least 100 hours of vocational training and do not have professional experience will not be able to open a real estate business. In addition, real estate business owners and company officials will have an obligation to operate with Level 5 and those who are insured in the real estate business with a Level 4 professional competence certificate. In this way, a significant contribution will be made to the quality of the workforce in the sector and it will be possible for consumers to receive better quality service ”.



4) Pekcan stated that in 2018, the upper limit of the service fee was determined as 4 percent in intermediation for purchase and sale, and as a monthly rental fee in intermediation for renting, and that in the last 2 years, real estate businesses have been seen that charge service fees above these limits by pretending to provide additional services to citizens and He emphasized that it will not be allowed. Stating that the grievance of the citizen will be prevented with effective control, Minister Pekcan said, “Administrative sanctions will be applied to real estate agents who collect service fees on the borders and the authorization certificates of the enterprises that insist on this application will be canceled.” Realtors will not be able to demand a fee for the real estate display service.

5) For the first time, a regulation was made regarding the ads for real estate trade. From now on, businesses that do not have a certificate of authorization will not be able to take place on the posting sites. Ruhsar Pekcan pointed out that it will be mandatory to include the authorization certificate number in all advertisements and to use the business name or title in the authorization certificate.


Misleading Advertising Age Closes

6) Misleading information will not be included in the postings posted from now on. Pekcan said, “In the real estate advertisements, no misleading information such as providing incomplete or incorrect information about the immovable or incorrectly marking the location of the property on the map will not be included. Our Ministry will apply administrative fines to businesses that do not comply with these obligations ”.

7) Within the scope of the regulation, announcement sites will not be able to make members of businesses that do not have a certificate of authorization, will effectively conclude the requests and complaints regarding the announcements, and convey all the information needed regarding the announcements and memberships to the Ministry.


8) No restrictions were imposed on citizens’ real estate ads that are not within the scope of commercial activities. These advertisements will continue to be posted as before.

9) Bureaucratic processes were reduced in issuing and renewing authorization certificates. Ruhsar Pekcan said, “While two separate workplace controls have been carried out by both municipalities and provincial directorates of trade, from now on, the control will only be done by the municipalities before the license is issued.” Minister Pekcan stated that all transactions regarding the authorization document will be carried out through the Real Estate Trade Information System (TTBS), which can be accessed on the Ministry’s website.

10) Minister Pekcan noted that the requests of enterprises with authorization certificates, which are one of the most demanded issues in the sector, to mediate transactions in land registry and cadastre directorates, tax office directorates, municipalities and other institutions and to obtain information and documents from these institutions are also met with the provision added to the regulation.


Pointing out that approximately 2 million 400 thousand real estate sales were made last year and the registered economic value of these sales was approximately 390 billion TL, Minister Pekcan made the following assessment: “50 percent of real estate sales in our country are made through real estate enterprises and more than 60 thousand businesses engaged in real estate activities has. On the other hand, it is estimated that due to unregistered activities, more than this number mediated the purchase and sale of real estate. With the arrangement we have made, we aim to create a transparent, accountable and registered real estate sector and to eliminate unfair competition by closely monitoring the sector. ”


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