Last minute “Murat Ide” 1 person was caught in the attack!

Journalist Murat Ide, the suspects escaped from the attack on the two vehicles were identified.

One of the vehicles was stopped by the police.

E. D. A knife was found in the search of the vehicle while being detained.

Police are still in search of other suspects.


Ide stated that 7-8 people were attacked and said:

* I went home from the end of the program. I noticed a group on my way home. In the meantime, we did not have the opportunity to intervene.

* 7-8 people were attacked. There was a brawl between us. When my licensed gun fell to the ground, they ran away.

* There have been some incidents about the threat for a while. We had such knowledge. You are more cautious when there is such a preparation. We’ve been empty for an instant.

* There were some threats about the writers. But I don’t care about them. DHA

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